MAY 15


1985 – Ashlynn Yennie, appeared in “L.A. Slasher,” “The Scribbler,” “True Blood – TV Series,” “American Maniacs,” “The Human Centipede: First Sequence” and “The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence.”

1982 – Tatsuya Fujiwara, starred in “Batoru Rowaiaru” and “Batoru Rowaiaru II: Chinknoka”.

1982 – Alexandra Breckinridge, starred in “Wishcraft,” “Rings,” “Vampire Clan,” “The Walking Dead – TV Series” and appeared “American Horror Story.”

1981 – Jacqui Holland, appeared in “Dracula’s Sorority Sisters,” “Axeman 2: Overkill,” “Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills,” “The Walking Deceased,” “Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys,” “The Brides of Sodom,” “Monsters in the Woods” and many more.

1981 – Jamie-Lynn Sigler, starred in “Campfire Stories” and ”Dark Ride.”

1978 – Caroline Dhavernas, starred on “Hannibal” and has appeared in “Devil.”

1971 – Sam Trammell, starred in the HBO series “True Blood,” and in the film “Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.”

1963 – Brenda Bakke, appeared in “Death Spa,” “Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight” and “American Gothic – TV Series.”

1918 – Joseph Wiseman, appeared in episodes of several TV Series including “The Twilight Zone,” “Night Gallery,” “Lights Out,” “The Wide World of Mystery,” “Matinee Theatre” and “Inner Sanctum.”

1912 – André De Toth, directed the original “House of Wax [1953].”

1909 – James Mason, appeared in the TV films “Frankenstein: The True Story” and “Salem’s Lot”.

1905 – Joseph Cotton starred in “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” and “Lady Frankenstein.”


2021 – Roy Scammell, actor in “Psycho-Circus,” “The Death Wheelers,” “The Girl from Starship Venus,” as well as stunts for “Horror Hospital,” “Alien,” “Saturn 3,” “Seize the Night” and more.

2020 – Fred Willard, appeared in “Salem’s Lot [1979],” “Idle Hands,” “Monster House” and more.

2020 – Henky Solaiman, actor in “Suster N” and “Reuni Z.”

2019 – Robert Leroy Diamond, actor in “Scream [1981]” and an episode of “The Twilight Zone: In Paradise of Pip [1963].”

2019 – John Ronane, actor in “The Spiral Staircase,” “Nobody Ordered,” “Doctor Blood’s Coffin” and more.

1994 – Royal Dano, appeared in “The Dark Half,” “Ghoulies II,” “Killer Klowns from Outer Space,” “House II: The Second Story,” “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” “Moon of the Wolf,” “Rod Serling’s Night Gallery – TV Series” and many more.

1988 – Andrew Duggan, appeared in “A Return to Salem’s Lot,” “It’s Alive” and “Frankenstein Island.”

1972 – Nigel Green, appeared in the films “The Skull,” “Corridors of Blood” and “Countess Dracula”.


The Mad Monster [1942]
Invisible Invaders [1959]
Dr. Blood’s Coffin [1961] – Bismarck, ND
Peeping Tom [1962]
Black Zoo [1963]
Paranoiac [1963]
Happy Birthday To Me [1981]

The Fan [1981]

The Gate [1987]

Dark Woods [2003] – Cannes Film Festival
Creepshow 3 [2007]
Curse of the Zodiac [2007]
Gothic Vampires from Hell [2007]
Hunger [2009]

**********************         *********************            *************************

MAY 16


1986 – Megan Fox, starred in “Night Teeth,” “Jennifer’s Body” and “Rogue,”

1979 – Barbara Nedeljakova, has appeared in “Whispers,” “L.A. Slasher,” “Strippers vs Werewolves,” “Children of the Corn: Genesis,” “Hostel,” “Hostel: Part II,” “Hell’s Kitty [2018],” “Doom” and more.

1979 – Jessica Morris, appeared in “666: Devilish Charm,” “Haunting of the Innocent,” “Reel Evil,” “The Dead Want Women,” “Venom,” “Fading of the Cries,” “Bloody Murder” and more.

1969 – Yannick Bisson, appeared in “Anything for Jackson,” “Another WolfCop,” “Hellmington,” episodes of “The Hidden Room” and “The Ray Bradbury Theater.”

1953 – Pierce Brosnan appeared in “Mars Attacks!,” “The Lawnmower Man,” and “Nomads.”

1944 – Danny Trejo, appeared in “From Dusk To Dawn 1, 2 & 3,” “The Devil’s Rejects,” “3 From Hell,” “Rob Zombie’s Halloween,” “The Last Exorcist” and many more.

1918 – Barry Atwater, appeared in the TV movie “The Night Stalker” and “Night Gallery – TV Series.”

1905 – Henry Fonda, starred in “The Boston Strangler,” “Tentacles” and “The Swarm.”


2021 – René Cardona III, directed “Vacations of Terror,” “A Roar of Terror,” “Fatal Nightmare,” Fangs, the Werewolf,” “The Theatre Killer,” as well as appeared in “Cyclone,” “The Bermuda Triangle,” “Cemetery of Terror” and “Beaks: The Movie.”

2021 – D. Chandran, actor in “Junoon.”

2021 – Gladys Cáceres, appeared in “Ángel Rebelde – Episode: Ángel rebelde.”

2020 – Lynn Shelton, directed “Santa Clarita Diet – Episode: Strange or Just Inconsiderate?” and “Ghosted – Episode: Bee-Mo.”

2020 – Pilar Pellicer, actress in “Pedro Páramo,” “The World of the Dead” and “Cuentos de Madrugada [1985–].”

2020 – Monique Mercure, appeared in “Saint Martyrs of the Damned.”

2010 – Ronnie James Dio, legendary lead singer of the metal bands, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and his own self-titled band Dio, introduced the horns gesture that has been used in hard rock/heavy metal ever since. He also worked on the soundtracks for “Lords of Chaos,” “Raging Angels,” “Pride & Prejudice Zombies” and “Evil on Queen Street.”

2008 – Sandy Howard, produced the films “The Devil’s Rain,” “Meteor” and “Embryo”.

1979 – Robert Florey, directed episodes of “Thriller,” “The Outer Limits” and “The Twilight Zone,” as well as the 1932 version of “Murders in the Rue Morgue”.

1985 – Margaret Hamilton appeared in the 1960 version of “13 Ghosts,” “The Night Strangler – TV Movie” and a few episodes of “The Addams Family.”

1982 – Sidney Hickox, cinematographer for “The Return of Doctor X,” “The Gorilla” and “Them!


The Blood Beast Terror [1969]
The Bare Wench Project [2000]
Vlad [2003] [Cannes Premiere]
Slaughterhouse Phi: Death Sisters [2006]
The Dead One [2007] – Los Angeles
Swamp Devil [2008] – Hawaii Film Festival

Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 [2013] – Cannes Film Festival

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MAY 17


1988 – Karrueche Tran, actress in “3-Headed Shark Attack,” “Welcome to Willits,” “The Fright Night Files,” “Child’s Play [2019] – short” and an episode of the TV Series “The Dead Diaries.”

1986 – Erin Richards, appeared in “The Quiet Ones,” “Open Grave,” “Being Human – TV Series.”

1965 – Paige Turco, has appeared in “Books of Blood,” “The Stepfather [2009]” and “American Gothic [TV Series].”

1957 – Whip Hubley, appeared in “Species,” “Daddy’s Girl,” “Brothel” and “Fangs.”

1955 – Bill Paxton, directed “Frailty,” starred in “Predator 2,” “Club Dread,” “Mortuary [1983],” “Mighty Joe Young [1998],” “Aliens” “Near Dark” and more.

1936 – Dennis Hopper, many film appearances include “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,” “Queen of Blood” and “Blue Velvet.”

1930 – Frank Price, writer & editor for episodes of the TV Series “Matinee Theatre.”


2021 – Amarendra Mohanty, composer for “Putuler Protisodh.”

2021 – Nitish Veera, appeared in “Airaa.”

2020 – Peter Thomas, composer for composer & soundtrack for “Horror Hospital,” “The Monster of Blackwood Castle” and more.

2020 – Shad Gaspard, appeared in “The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time” and “Welcome to Willits.”

2019 – Herman Wouk, actor in “Master of Dark Shadows”

2019 – Luz Kertz, actress “The Second Death”

2019 – Rallapalli, appeared in “Anveshana”

1999 – Henry Jones, appeared in “Arachnophobia,” “Vertigo,” “Kolchak: The Night Stalker – TV Series,” “Night Gallery – TV Series,” “Thriller – TV Series,” “Twilight Zone – TV Series,” “The Bad Seed [1956]” and more.

1983 – Victor Halperin, directed “White Zombie,”.

1954 – Arthur Lucan, portrayed “Old Mother Riley” in “My Son, the Vampire”.


The Cat Creeps [1946]
She-Wolf of London [1946]

Monster from Green Hell [1957]
The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman [1971] – Spain
Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb [1971]

The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman [1971]

Class of Nuke ‘Em High [1986] – Cannes Film Festival

The Video Dead [1987]

Ghost Lake [2005] – USA DVD premiere

Zombiez [2005]
Skinwalker: Curse of the Shaman [2005]

Knife + Heart [2018] – Cannes Film Festival

Perfect [2018]

The Haunting of La Llorona [2019]

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MAY 18


1992 – Spencer Breslin, appeared in the mini-series “Storm of the Century,” “Some Kind of Hate” and co-starred in “The Happening.”

1982 – Emmy Robbin, appeared in “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series – TV Series,” “Grindhouse,” and “Planet Terror.”

1968 – Cynthia Preston, appeared in “Carrie [2013],” “Hannibal – TV Series,” “The X-Files – TV Series,” “The Outer Limits – TV Series,” “Forever Knight – TV Series,” “Friday’s Curse – TV Series,” “The Brain,” “Prom Night III: The Last Kiss.” and more.

1941 – Miriam Margolyes, appeared in “The Awakening,” “End of Days” and “Ed and His Dead Mother.”

1927 – Yoshio Tsuchiya, appeared in the Toho films “Yog Monster from Space,” “Destroy All Monsters” and “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.”

1924 – Priscilla Pointer, appeared in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3,” “Chud II: Bud the Chud” and “Carrie [1976].”

1912 – Perry Como, soundtrack for “Cat People [1982]” and “Krampus.”

Music from Cat People:


2021 – Charles Grodin, appeared in “Rosemary’s Baby” and “King Kong [1976].”

2021 – Franco Battiato, actor in “Baby Yaga.”

2021 – Vladimir Fyodorov, appeared in “Savage Hunt of King Stakh.”

2020 – Ken Osmond, appeared in “The Munsters – Episode: Herman’s Sorority Caper.”

2019 – Jean Beaudin, directed “The Possession of Virginia,” and 2 episodes of “Big Wolf on Campus [2000].”

2019 – Analía Gadé, actress in “Four Nights of the Full Moon,” “Exorcism’s Daughter,” and “Maniac Mansion.”

2004 – Lincoln Kilpatrick, starred in the films “The Omega Man,” “Soylent Green” and “Chosen Survivors”.

1995 – Elisha Cook Jr., film credits included TV movies “Salem’s Lot” and “The Night Stalker,” film credits include “House on Haunted Hill [1959],” “Blacula” and “Rosemary’s Baby.”


Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman [1958]
The Abominable Dr. Phibes [1971]
Fangs of The Living Dead [1973]
Teenage Space Vampires [1999] – USA

Hard Ride to Hell [2010]

Entrance [2012]

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MAY 19


1987 – Jayne Wisener, co-starred in “The Heiress,” “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” and “Boogeyman 3” she was also sang the song “Green Finch and Linnett Bird on the” soundtrack of Sweeney Todd.”

1980 – Drew Fuller, appeared in the films “Vampire Clan” and “Voodoo Academy.”

1972 – Claudia Karvan, who appeared in the films “Daybreakers” and “Long Weekend [2008].”

1964 – Sean Whalen, appeared in “The People Under the Stairs,” “Idle Hands,” Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II,” “Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween,” “Constantine – TV Series,” “Drive Thru,” “Hatchet III” and more.

1948 – Grace Jones, starred in “Vamp [1986]” and the TV Movie “Wolf Girl.”

1922 – David McLean, appeared in “The Andromeda Strain” and “Kingdom of the Spiders.”

1920 – Renee Asherson, appeared in “Day the Earth Caught Fire,” “Theatre of Blood” and “The Others [2001].”

1918 – Alberto Bonucci, starred in “Blood and Roses.”

1915 – Irving Getz, composer who did the music scores for the films “Monster On Campus,” “It Came from Outer Space,” “The Alligator People,” “The Incredible Shrinking Man” and “Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy.”

1906 – Bruce Bennett, appeared in “The Alligator People,” “The Cosmic Man” and “Before I Hang.”

1904 – Milton Parsons, appeared in “The Monster That Challenged the World,” “Hold That Ghost” and “The Haunted Palace.”


2021 – Paul Mooney, appeared in “Meet the Blacks.”

2021 – David Anthony Kraft, comic book writer for “Swamp Thing #24 [1976],” “Tales of the Zombie #8 [1974],” “Giant-Size Dracula #4-5 [1975]” and “Haunt of Horror #5 [1975].”

2020 – Ken Nightingall, worked in the sound department for “The Kiss of the Vampire,” “Theatre of Death,” “The Abominable Dr. Phibes,” The Ghoul” and more.

2020 – Hagen Mills, actor in “Star Light.”

2008 – Donald Murphy, starred in “Frankenstein’s Daughter.

1989 – Robert Webber, appeared in “Something Is Out There – TV Mini-Series,” “Don’t Go to Sleep,” “Darkroom – TV Series,” “The Outer Limits – TV Series,” “Thriller – TV Series” and more.

1864 – Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of the novel “House of the Seven Gables,”


The Leopard Man [1943] – NYC
The Mad Magician [1954]
The Deadly Bees [1967] – NYC
Witchfinder General [1968] – UK
Horror of Snape Island [1972] – NYC

The Premonition [1976] – NYC
Food of the Gods II [1989]
Fright Night II [1989]
Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare [2006]
See No Evil [2006]

Demon Legacy – aka “Haunting at Foster Cabin” [2014]

Ragmork [2019]

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MAY 20


1992 – Stephanie Leon, who appeared in “The Black Cat [2004]” and “Hood of Horror.”

1981 – Calico Cooper, appeared in “The Curse of El Charron,” “The Crooked Man,” “Suck,” “13/13/13,” “Welcome to Hell,” and “Junkfood Horrorfest.”

1978 – Mike Flanagan, writer/producer/director of such films as “Doctor Sleep,” “Absentia,” “Oculus,” “Hush,” “Before I Wake,” “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and more.

1977 – Matt Czuchry, appeared in “Eight-Legged Freaks” and the 2005 TV Movie “Dark Shadows.”

1975 – Tahmoh Penikett, starred in “Dollhouse”, “Supernatural [TV Series]” and the film “Trick r Treat.”

1968 – Timothy Olyphant, starred in “Scream 2,” “The Dreamcatcher” and “the 2009 remake of “The Crazies.”

1960 – John Billingsley, starred on the TV series” “Enterprise,” “True Blood” and “The Others” and “The Whispers.”

1960 – Tony Goldwyn, starred in “Last House on the Left [2009],” “The Belko Experiment,” “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” and episodes of the TV Series “Chambers.”

1959 – Bronson Pinchot, starred in the TV movie “The Langoliers”.

1954 – Suzanne Barnes, actress in “The Children” and “Girls Nite Out.”

1936 – Anthony Zerbe, appeared in the films “The Omega Man,” and “The Dead Zone”.

1927 – David Hedison, played the title role of “The Fly [1958].”

1908 – James Stewart, starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “Rear Window.”


2021 – Samir Ghanem, appeared in “2, 1, 0” and “Love and Revenge…With a Meat Cleaver.”

2019 – Andrew Hall, appeared in “Stormhouse,” and 4 episodes of “Blood Drive [2017]”

2015 – Mary Ellen Trainor, actress who appeared in “Congo”, “Death Becomes Her”, “The Monster Squad”, “Ghostbusters II”, “Tales from the Crypt – TV Series.”

1996 – Jon Pertwee who played in “The House That Dripped Blood” and “Carry on Screaming”.

1989 – Anton Diffring, starred in “The Man Who Could Cheat Death” and “Circus of Horrors.”

1989 – Gilda Radner, starred in “Haunted Honeymoon.”


Maniac [1963] – UK

Hell Night [1981]

Edge of the Axe [1988] – Spain

The Psychic [1992]
Witchcraft II: The Temptress [1993] – USA

Mosquito [1995] – USA

Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde [2003]
Vampire Vixens [2003]

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist [2005] – USA [limited]
Darkworld [2006] – USA [DVD premiere]

Bloodspit [2008]

Deadwater – aka Black Ops [2008]

**********************         *********************            *************************

MAY 21


1974 – Fairuza Balk, starred in “The Craft,” “The Craft: Legacy” and “The Island of Dr. Moreau.”

1959 – Nick Cassavetes, appeared in “The Wraith,” “The Class of 1999 II: The Substitute” and “The Astronaut’s Wife.”

1957 – Judge Reinhold, starred in “The Hollow,” “Pandemonium” and “Gremlins.”

1948 – Jonathan Hyde, appeared in the 1999 remake of “The Mummy,” and “Anaconda”.

1917 – Raymond Burr, starred in both versions of “Godzilla [1957]” and “Godzilla 1985.” He also starred in “Bride of the Gorilla” and “Rear Window.”


2019 – Larry Carroll, Comic Book artist in some issues of “Slayer.”

2018 – Clint Walker, starred in “Snowbeast,” “Killdozer,” “Hysterical,” Scream of the Wolf” and “The Serpent Warriors.”

2014 – Jane Adams, appeared in “The Brute Man”, “House of Dracula”.

2007 – Bruno Mattei, Italian director whose work includes “Zombie 3,” “Hell of the Living Dead” and “Zombies: The Beginning,” as well as edited “Count Dracula.”

2000 – Sir John Gielgud, appeared in “Frankenstein: The True Story,” “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

1987 – Alejandro Rey, appeared in the films “The Swarm” and “TerrorVision.”


The Vampire’s Ghost [1945]
Monster from the Ocean Floor [1954]
Gigantis the Fire Monster [1959]
The Green Slime [1969] – NYC
Grizzly [1976]
Embryo [1976]

Spectre [1977] – TV Movie
The Road Warrior [1982]

Crawlspace [1986]
Carnosaur [1993]
Terminator Salvation [2009]

Area 407 [2012]

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