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I’m considered a Horror Historian by many, understanding not only the genre but the impact of the psychology, social, and sometimes theology of the film’s impact, the message from director. In addition, written over 300 reviews (movies, soundtracks, comics, books all horror) and various articles on many topics and individuals of the genre, amounting to over 600,000 views in 3-years, an added thanks to all the readers. I attend many horror conventions, run an average of 5 podcast shows weekly 2-horror and 3-music, and a tagline doctor for filmmakers, along with giving quotes to the them too.

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Vincent Mento

Well, this is a treat, I never thought I would write one of these, but Baron requested it so here goes, I tried at first to do a horror review, and that fell into the grouping of WTF, I mean it’s not that easy to form a review of a movie…I just realized that I don’t possess the right talent for it, definitely not on the scale of Baron (okay who does?). Then I did a list, everybody likes a list, yet that didn’t go over very well either, I just stopped submitting, but then Baron reaches out to encourage me, learning about my interests. I am a New Jersey resident, living down at the seashore, and have a passion for hard rock music, that which is a tad sleazy and has often a bluesy tone. Some of my favorite bands are: AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Great White, Motley Crue, Deep Purple, Guns n’ Roses, and Kiss, so you get the point. I really enjoy music, growing up in the late seventies and into the 80s, collecting it on tapes, CDs and of course vinyl, I don’t do the mp3 thing. Here’s one important lesson I’ve already figured out often these band’s songs get played, licensed, covered into horror/ thriller movies such as Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” in Halloween [1978] or inspired Halloween (holiday) tracks.

I don’t have any real social media presences I’m true old-school I want to talk to some I meet in person.

Thanks Baron!

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Randolph Whateley

A hunter-gatherer from Southeast Asia. Explorer of all things from underground in the realm of art, music and literature. Also, possessed by ancient civilizations and the mysteries they behold and beyond. Occasional hiker and wanderer into mountains, forest and realms of mother nature.

Currently an active review contributor at Voices From The Dark Side Mag (Germany), V.M Underground Zine (Netherland), Metalegion Magazine (Portugal), Metalbite Magazine (USA), The Sleeping Shaman (England), Broken Tomb Magazine (Spain).

Mimic (1997) and The Exorcist (1973) opened the portal of Horror Movies for me, which gotten deeper upon exposure to all creations by George A. Romero, Stuart Gordon and John Carpenter.

Favorite Horror Movie – Night of the Living Dead (Movie Series)


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