This tab provides 2 items, first the marketing and promotion of your films/merchandise/ bands, and how to submit your products for review or endorsement.

Why choose Baron over others?

Baron Craze knows, understands, and thoroughly enjoys the horror genre, he is considered a Horror Film Historian, with a private background to research databases and create fresh taglines, titles, exceptional skills in social media posting and was named a Social Media Icon by Promote Horror. When it comes to horror, he’s able to make connections to the media for him it’s a lifestyle, wearing horror clothing from Cavity Colors, Fright Rags, Gutter Grabs, Terror Threads, and others, he drinks from horror theme mugs, eats off of gothic plates and uses Halloween holiday napkins year around. His office is a Testament of Horror, lined with individual artwork and limited editions figurines, attending cons and festivals, speaking with insiders and arranging music releases for films.

He’s able to host a varied list of services from using The Horror Times to The BC Radio Network, and the long-standing, Baron’s Crypt now it’s seventh year, unheard of for a podcast show. He’s constantly working with music 100s of unsigned metal bands and over 350 independent labels worldwide.

Key term affordable, able to work with all budget limitations, knowing the industry very well, pre-COVID-19 the horror genre had 49% of box office, and 80% of DVD/VOD markets, and nearly 90% of conventions were dedicated to the loyal horror fans, who adore the icons and seek out indie creations.

How to contact – email:

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Submitting Your Film, Music, Book, Comic, Product for Review

First, make sure your film (with a link to IMDB) fits into our groupings Horror, Thriller, Mysteries, Suspense, Dark Dramas, and Sci-fi, however we at The Horror Times reserve the right to reject a movie under personal reasons. Unsure about whether we accept it just contact us at The Horror Times Facebook.  Therefore, how to submit your movie, while VOD becoming the trend, we accept that, but prefer and actual DVD or Blu-Ray along with your press kit and swag to this address:

Baron Craze

230 Kings Hwy, East #330

Haddonfield, NJ 08033

As for Books, Comics, Soundtracks, Music again the genres listed above and open to Heavy Metal subgenres and we prefer actual books and CDS or even LPs all sent to the above address.

If you own a store, or website or have product that, the fans might enjoy and seek reviews, we welcome them, and it will receive respectful critique of it, along with a possible interview of the creator or owner of the site.  As well as inclusion on the Baron’s Crypt Horror Podcast show, with over 260 broadcasts, each Friday night (unless otherwise stated) found at here:

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If seeking endorsements or quotes on Movie Posters or DVD covers, just ask.