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Baron’s Crypt Shows for August 2019

Our / My longest running show, the Horror Discussion creation, 5th year August 17th – Worst Remakes Part 3: The Final Chapter – this show moved to Monday the 19th, My father required medical attention *****          *****          ***** August 12th – discuss Worst Remakes Part 2 and…

Synth Pathways Show for August 2019

The LONG AWAITED episode 2 airs this month.

Sinister Death Shows for August 2019

at least 2 shows planned

Shredding Metal Beasts Shows for August 2019

At least 2 shows planned.

Hard Rock Madness Shows for August 2019

630p on August 18th, Returns to the Airwaves – the Episodes 35–35th-rockin-show Playlist: Rusted – Summer Day Cobra Dane – Tease You Please Me [no info] Straytones – Bell-Man Plained – Erupted Material Kings and Castles – Bevvy Hungryheart – Hard Lovin’ Woman Meka Nism – Black Sky…

The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors for August 2019

This show that discusses new releases airing on August 28.

Sinister Death Shows for July 2019

Sinister Death – Thee Abomination to Decency show – purely Offensive! July 25, Thursday at 1130p EST from NJ–135th-extreme-show SPECIAL SHOW: Featuring long tracks! Blaze of Perdition – Ashes Remain Abigail Williams – Beyond the Veil Denial of God – The horrors of Satan Skyglow – Thousand Years of Terror…

Shredding Metal Beasts Shows for July 2019

Shredding Metal Beasts also returns… in August celebrates its 5th Anniversary! Be Sure to Follow: Upcoming shows – July 30, Tuesday *****************                    *********************              ******************* July 16, Tuesday, at 11p EST – #191 Playlist for Shredding Metal Beasts EP191…

Baron’s Crypt Shows for July 2019

Baron’s Crypt is back once more, the reigning show! Upcoming shows – Dates   July 19, Friday – Show was cancelled due to my father’s emergency being rushed to the hospital. July 26, Friday *****************                    ********************************              ******************* July 14, Sunday…

Hard Rock Madness Shows for July 2019

Hard Rock Madness returns! The show features Hard Rock, Bar Music, Blues, Southern, Acoustic, old school Metal Sadly due to a foul up at Blog Talk Radio this didn’t air this month, yeah it sucks, send complaints to them!