This site will publish a new issue each month, covering both new and older horror movies, reaching into the depths forgotten treasures and the wretched disgraces. Also included are articles and interviews. In addition, reviewing thrillers, suspense, mysteries, dark dramas, perhaps a documentary and sci-fi flicks in the Other Worldly Cinema section, and proceeding onward through the twisted path of books, comics, soundtracks and music especially varied heavy metal genres and gothic/horror themed. Lastly, in an industry plagued with much memorabilia, and trying to determine what to buy or where to shop we cover that in Product Reviews, as well craving stories from aspiring writers and resurrecting reviews from our writers from defunct sites, all for your entertainment and hunger for more horror.  

Now in our 3rd year, we have added reviews about television horror films, and information about our numerous podcast shows. As well as presenting Remembrance of the Dead each month to recall those who have contribute the horror genre.

Our current publishing dates range between the 29th to 31st each month.

Occasionally, you will notice a link for coming soon review that is related to marketing/ promo release date.