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Sinister Death Shows for July 2019

Sinister Death – Thee Abomination to Decency show – purely Offensive! Upcoming Shows: July 25, Thursday *****************                    *********************              ******************* July 18, Thursday at 1130p EST from NJ https://www.blogtalkradio.com/baroncrazeradio/2019/07/19/sinister-death–134th-extreme-show Countess – Where Eagles Die https://www.facebook.com/CountessMetal Eternal Helcaraxe – All the Battles…

Shredding Metal Beasts Shows for July 2019

Shredding Metal Beasts also returns… in August celebrates its 5th Anniversary! Be Sure to Follow: https://www.facebook.com/ShreddingMetalBeasts/ https://twitter.com/SMetalB_Radio Upcoming shows – July 23, Tuesday *****************                    *********************              ******************* July 16, Tuesday, at 11p EST – #191 Playlist for Shredding Metal Beasts EP191…

Baron’s Crypt Shows for July 2019

Baron’s Crypt is back once more, the reigning show! Upcoming shows – Dates   July 19, Friday – Show was cancelled due to my father’s emergency being rushed to the hospital. July 26, Friday *****************                    ********************************              ******************* July 14, Sunday…

Hard Rock Madness Shows for July 2019

Hard Rock Madness returns! The show features Hard Rock, Bar Music, Blues, Southern, Acoustic, old school Metal Upcoming Show: July 31, Wednesday  

Synth Pathways Show for July 2019

This new show that features Synthwave, Horror-synth, Dark-synth returns finally on July 28, Sunday from NJ Explore Dark Synth Inspired Music of Horror and the Macabre

The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors for July 2019

The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors Yes, Finally… the show returns, this one notes upcoming releases and some you don’t even know about – airs once a month – July 24, Wednesday.

Screamin’ Horror Show for July 2019

Screamin’ Horror Is a show that feature horror Themed music it airs one a month – Upcoming Show July 27, Saturday This page will feature a playlist, videos, and pictures of the bands on that show.

Mysterious Void Show for July 2019

Mysterious Void – Our Gothic Industrial show Returns in July for one show, on July 29, Monday, I moved this show since my father still is in the hospital. https://www.facebook.com/MysteriousVoidMusicShow/

Sinister Death Shows for June 2019

As many this is anther one of our long lasting show, that started in October 2015 on BlogTalkRadio, well 5-years later and we’re switching to Spreaker this is restarting soon.It was hatched out of Shredding Metal Beasts, and while it is true we have had problems with BlogTalkRadio (BTR), we gave Spreaker a chance, but…

Shredding Metal Beasts Shows for June 2019

As many know this is one of our long lasting shows, that started in August 2014 on BlogTalkRadio, well 5-years later and we’re switching to Spreaker this is restarting soon. First, after careful consideration and testing, we have determined at this time Spreaker is more for pre-recorded shows, as one can’t promote a LIVE show,…