Some fans identify with the Munsters more than The Addams Family, but either way one enjoys these ghoulish families, they both perceived everyone else as the odd and different from them with the Munsters more founded in a background of traditional horror concepts. If one doesn’t know, and very shocking if reading this review of The Munsters Season 1, a dedicated and devoted father Herman (Fred Gwynne (Pet Sematary [1989])); based upon the Frankenstein model, often referred to in creation method. Then his wife and mother Lily (Yvonne De Carlo (Mirror Mirror [1990])), appearing as an early version of Elvira, but more as the bride to Dracula, Grandpa (Al Lewis (Night Terror [2002])); a former count and scientist always seeking a finer vintage of blood, Eddie (Butch Patrick (Hand of Death [1962])), their son who enjoys howling and playing with his dragon Spot. One must not overlook the oddball niece Marilyn (who was played by two different actresses in the series), the first 13-episodes Beverley Owen and then Pat Priest to the conclusion of the series. Speaking of the series in general, it started on September 24, 1964, and ended on May 12, 1966, two seasons with 70 shows, all at creepy but a very recognizable household at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

I honestly was more of an Addams Family fan, however returning now to view the first season, I learned a new fondness for the series, perhaps since no commercial interruptions, never a wise thing for any horror series, it breaks the tension or in this case the comedy and gags. This first volume contains an unaired pilot and colorized version, while the colors pop vividly it doesn’t fair very well, and hence prefer the black and white, besides in the mid-sixties color cost and extra $10,000 per show.

There’s not much on the negative side with this DVD, though some discredit the packaging however the more compact design sadly is a flaw which likely here to stay for the long term, and hence season one containing 6-discs. The two bonus shows and uninteresting pilot show and then the Family portrait shown in both color and black and white, either way these television episodes contain classic comedy routines, slight gags along with plenty of pratfalls. In addition, the logic of the family sometimes left the rational for other worldly issues in a bizarre state. Lastly the house contains many charms which to this day influence the average horror fans, with some copying them from the dragster car to the home with a vertical coffin for a land line, as well as secret passages, leading to exquisite set designing.

Needless to say, it’s a fine collection to own, and recommended it to any horror fan, especially ones that can easily identify with them, to many outsiders the fans like The Munsters find themselves feared, judged, and often consider the ones with the problems, it is actually the narrow-mindedness of society filled with preconceived notions. If unfamiliar, shocking that might be, and an excellent way to discover this classic show, especially as it had four spin-off movies, and three short-lived tv-series, one as a popular one-episode show called Mockingbird Lane [2012].

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Baron’s Rating: 7.5/10