Before I begin this review, I must state a bit of censoring sadly and highly against my nature found itself implemented herein, namely to the character names, some of which just too much for this publication, if you’re familiar with Troma and previous movies you already prepared for a slimy, oozing, gooey gross-out film review. The film as one can see, returns us to the Nuke ‘Em High, a place where many horror fans list as the high school on Facebook, and 23-years later but instead of toxic waste in general it is now GMO foods. Troma’s film definitely contains it all, rampant nudity, gore, sex, giant sexual devices, very campy dialogue and a hint to beastiality, perhaps the only thing missing a condemnation to organized religion, though one never really knows what insanity occurs in the background any scene. Lloyd Kaufman (who learned much from Roger Corman), returns to the director’s chair for this project serving also as a writer and producer, and the role of Lee Harvey Herzkauf. The project, which contained additional written material from Casey Clapp and Aaron Hamel, as well writers Derek Dressler and Travis Campbell all work to deliver a script filled of classic politically incorrect behaviors, and raunchy topics stretched passed the line of common decency. If one tries to understand the movie, the rest they made a major mistake, never attempt with one of these films, after all the late great Lemmy (of Motorhead) stars as The President however most shockingly the flick made special screening appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 16, 2013.

Trying to assess the movie, first likely appealing to few, who have incredible thick skin, understand and remember humor of the 1980s, which expertly done with The Final Girls (2015), like to issue the response of shock, and out loud laughs, however many eye-rolling moments, all filled with get energy to enter a realm of sinisterly good fun. An incredible amount of insulting lines of dialogue filter throughout the movie, tad worse than an Andrew Dice Clay show, one could determine it as wholeheartedly offensive if certain sensitive ears heard and witness the display. Lloyd takes his audience to a low place, filled with silly fun and a swift breeze of social frustrations and observations, mixed in with bodies melting and genitals ripped off not as the classy style found in Teeth (2007). Still interested?

Not going to delve too far into the plot, as to avoid the spoilers, but more importantly it’s a movie which makes it very difficult to explain everything on the screen in a few words, best one needs to experience the film for themselves, a group viewing the experience perhaps the best. A corrupt food distributor called TromOrganic delivers contaminated tacos to nearby high school, which mutates outcasts into Cretins. Meanwhile, Lauren (Catherine Corcoran), the new girl at school, is beginning a secret relationship with classmate Chrissy (Asta Paredes), an anti-TromOrganic blogger, while she looks for her missing pet duck. One must not overlook the contribution to the movie from hilarious characters of Leonardo (Vito Trigo) and is Eugene (Clay von Carlowitz), who always refers to himself in the third person, very boisterous manner and extremely self-centered. However, the genuine chemistry between Catherine and Asta characters sells some believe as the insanity flies around them. The plot never finds closure as the film falls into two parts, a suggestion from Quentin Tarantino, so until them be careful of the taco meat you’re swallowing just might make you glow in all new ways.

The opening scene delivers wonderful body horror sequence that mixes CGI and practical effects into blender suffering an electrical short. As the movie continues, it fills with endless fart jokes and slapstick characters appearing as human cartoons due their zany pratfalls and incredible physical endurance. One of those crazy character names earlier mentioned known as Uterus Suggestor (Nick Chason) and reference infamous name such as Coach Sandusky (Ron Mackay) to an old television series called Welcome Back Kotter, who teaches oddball students called Sweathogs, with the character Coach Kotter (Debbie Rochon). The Sharknado goofiness looks passé to this raucous intensity and worthy production values of any Troma classic, especially with the narration coming from Stan Lee.

Kaufman takes to mocking the newest demographic of influential fans, and those obsessed and perhaps even addicted to their cellphones liking everything,  and craving more entertainment at insane ferocious appetite of in gratification. However also addressing not in a preaching manner, rather nothing vile actions in schools and treatment of them, might miss the intended target, needles the enjoyment of reckless abandonment gives the horror genre that swift kick it definitely requires and needs, even it comes from a total gross flick of ick.

This review was originally posted on the now defunct Rogue Cinema website June 2017 with a view count of 1,560.

IMDb Rating: 5.6/10

Baron’s Rating: 5.5/10