Another WolfCop is the long-awaited sequel to the horror-comedy WolfCop (2014) from the same director and writer Lowell Dean, who also created 13 Eerie (2013), that even had a short-lived comic book called Wolfcop to bridge the gap to this latest installment. Simply, one must know that the movie goes over-the-top in every category, hence following the sequel rules, cruder, ruder, campier and thoroughly gorier. It boils over into overwhelmingly absurdity, and some super slimy scenes, mixed with pure slapstick performances. While the film initially had a limited theatrical release in 2017 from Parade Deck Films, it achieved a greater distribution from RLJE Films on all available platforms on July 3, 2018, thereby giving the fans a crazy wolf tail to entertain themselves.

Since this was just released, expect a shorter than normal review, as to avoid any major spoilers. In Another WolfCop it shows the same vulgar, donut munching, beer-swilling crime fighting Officer Lou Garou, a name similar to the French term for werewolf, portrayed once again by Leo Fafard working every full moon cycle taking on dangerous robbers all in more incredible situations in Woodhaven. He still longs for his partner and now boss Tina Walsh (Amy Matysio (Chained [2012])), while she doesn’t share the same interspecies love for him, especially his oversized wolf shlong which makes an appearance early in the movie (guess it’s funny on some level). Tina stutters at the sight, simply shrugs and walks off as her life revolves around training inexperienced rookies and townsfolk championing the WolfCop hero, though a new element enters the downtrodden town. Billionaire Sydney Swallows (Yannick Bisson) sold interim mayor Bubba Rich (Kevin Smith) on a plan to revitalize by reopening the brewery with Chicken Milk stout and bringing in a new hockey team to boot.  However this drink definitely lays an egg, and hatches creatures in a method very similar to that in Alien (1979). Meanwhile, Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry (House of the Dead [2003])) somehow returns from the dead, just can’t keep a good man down, and although he covers himself in goo and grossness still delivers some funny moments. The character Kat (Serena Miller) also strives to howl in a very different manner to echo the raunch factor for the film.

A lot of Canadian themed jokes and references make it into the movie, sadly misses the intended mark with both American and foreign audiences that either have not visited Canada or don’t share the border. Occasionally a few crude one-liners fit well, others missing their mark, but the creature feature effects more than make up for the stumbles in the dialogue and some other gore splattering moments add a nice dripping fun layer to flick. A few issues do occur, as with any film, but especially low budget productions such as lacking the extras to fill a hockey arena and at moments clunky editing sections.

When the full moon is out everyone knows the werewolves come about, and herein WolfCop stays on duty with Lowell delivering more direction and taking a few more risks by going nuttier and crazier than before unleashing a fury of fur and drooling vulgarity. If you’re prepared to dismiss everything about the lycanthrope species and enjoy crass entertainment then this movie might fulfill your passions for howling at the moon.


  • Sequels are a disease. Meet the cure.
  • The hairy arm of the law.

IMDb Rating: 4.4/10

Baron’s Rating: 4/10