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Wildling Press Release

“The Brothers Grimm, Roald Dahl and other dark fairytale and fantasy sources cast a long and benevolent shadow over Wildling.” — The Hollywood Reporter   WILDLING **WORLD PREMIERE – 2018 SXSW FILM FESTIVAL**   IFC Midnight will release the upcoming thriller WILDLING in theaters in New York and on VOD and Digital HD on April 13, 2018 with theatrical expansion in Los Angeles on April…

Wildling (2018) – By Baron Craze

First time feature director Fritz Böhm delivers a very good fantasy horror movie, with a toothy storyline, which abandons the hokey full moon and silver bullets, puts a spin on the Teen Wolf story with a coming of age tale in a John Hughes vein. Bohm also pens this story along with first time screenwriter Florian…

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992): 25th Anniversary – By Baron Craze

Since Bram Stoker first brought the tale of Dracula to life in 1897, the story has been told and retold countless times on screen, and used in several hundred books, and highly likely any and all horror fans know of the tale and even able to quote famous lines. Many famous directors such as F.W….