December 16th

Dismembering Christmas (2015) there’s just something about this title I find amusing, perhaps it reminds of I Dismember Mama (1972), but anyway it follows the slasher playbook, with seven high schoolers shacking up in a winter lake house while someone seeks to see their insides at any cost. I suppose this madman seeks to study biology, distributed by Slasher Studios.

One of the best parts of Christmas horror is the blending of horror and comedy, this next production brings it together at Mercy Christmas (2017), which Michael Briskett believes he found his Christmas dream but at dinner he learns that his name makes him the ideal person for generous serving portions to feast upon with lustful intent.

Lastly a nearly forgotten flick, called The Traveler (2010) on a peaceful evening at police station, the snow gently failing, all is calm on Christmas Eve, a stranger, Mr. Nobody (Val Kilmer (The Thaw [2009])) enters wanting to confess to multiple murders, what begins as a shock turns into a nightmare for deputies.


December 17th – Zombie Day

A Cadaver Christmas (2011), brings together a group of looney men, and one blood covered janitor, all meeting at a local bar, a result of bizarre and thoroughly enjoyable mayhem, included in the group, a drunken, helped by his bartender, a police officer and his prisoner, and lastly a security guard from a college. This film from director Joe Zerull and teamed with writers Daniel Rairdin-Hale and Hanlon Smith-Dorsey, and those crafty writers take on roles in the film, with Daniel taking the lead as The Janitor. The insanity starts immediately and never lets up nor for a moment, this horror definitely stirred with comedy, the title alone grants that to the audience. The Professor at the campus (Michael Kennedy) dwells into unknown dark forces and created zombies, with a passion for creating new ones, and simply require overtime from the janitor to return to the facilities to clean proper working order over the Christmas break.


Speaking of janitors, one can’t overlook Stalled (2013) which is Christmas horror comedy, from director Christian James,  concerning a man becoming trapped in in a woman’s restroom while a horde of but munching hungry zombies eager to feed seeks on fresh victims, and no sh!t going to stop, better not piss away your opportunity to survive.

Want some more zombie Christmas horror look no further than Silent Night, Zombie Night (2009) which brings a low-budget horror film of the holiday season complete with zombies setting itself one week before Christmas, which works best with crowds and chaos assisted by a viral outbreak, talk about a gift that keeps on giving itself to both the living and dead. Sean Cain, the director and writer, leads the production with L.A.P.D. heroes Frank (Jack Forcinito) and Nash (Andy Hopper) battling over the zombies Frank’s wife, Sarah, makes for a volatile situation. This film contains many elements of trivia, thereby serving as a present for horror fans, thanks to Sean, a huge Universal Monster Movie fan, using Frank’s last name Talbot and Else (Felissa Rose), for respectively referencing The Wolf Man (1941) and The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), watch-out for more points in the movie. In addition, many of the zombies have interesting names and/or actions, such as a Santa Zombie and Michael J. Fox (Shane Ryan).


Still hungry for more guts and brains, then Christmas with the Dead (2012), should starve off you desire to feed., when Calvin (Damian Maffeli) wants this year’s Christmas the best ever, in his life, however a small problem everyone is becoming zombies (though in the film referred to as snappers) including his own family, that’s going to hurt the Christmas photos, therefore time to suit up in a holly-jolly manner and working a undead slayer G.M. (Brad Maule) they’re gonna rock this town with Christmas in June.

Seeking that late night snack, an obscure horror film called 12-24 (2008) from screenwriter and director Anthony Colliano serves a night of feeding zombies, just when a strange of characters all heading to their respective homes for holiday cheer, only the those on the good list likely to survive the night and season. The film stars Tiffany Shepis (Victor Crowley [2017]) and Devanny Pinn (Party Bus to Hell [2017]) and Shawn C. Phillips.


December 18th

The holiday driving you nuts, the crowds, in  the stores and parking eggs, well how about another horror-comedy in the vein of b-movie that stars Debbie Rochon, Rachael Robbins, Monique Dupree, and the legendary Lloyd Kaufman in Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (2009)…. Or you have Feeders 2: Slay Bells (1988) where aliens invade Earth where Santa and his army of elves need to save world and if you like things in pairs, then there’s Trees 2: The Root of All Evil (2004) makes one think of superior movie called Treevenge, but the government tries to battle genetic trees running rampage over the townsfolk of Hazleville while a millionaire attempts the festivities on course for Christmas.

However, seriously let’s venture to a series of new Christmas horror films, which includes:


Red Christmas (2016) shows the greatest gifts one can have giving birth to new life and loving that life, however sometimes Christmas wishes, become nightmares and with deadly consequences set as Christmas in Australia. Fame Horror actress Dee Wallace (The Howling [1981] and Critters [1986]) stars in the wildly fun flick.

Purely as a follow-up not to omit any confusion, another film called Red Christmas  (2014), exists, but it’s nothing like Wallace’s movie, it concerns a woman named Tara no not Tara Reid, rather the character portrayed by Arnie Wrenn, who never got what she wanted for Christmas, now killing for the pleasure of cheer. One additional note, Wrenn starred in 2017, xmas movie called A Meowy Christmas (2017), as Ms. Whiskers a character she repeated in 2018 in A Meowy Halloween.   Still curious well check this out:


Good Tidings (2016) involves three psychopaths each wearing a Santa costume (wonder which one is the real Santa)  as they attack a group of homeless individuals in a vicious manner.  The credits mentioned Curly, Moe and Larry, in addition one character named Reggie Bannister (Andrew Oyeneyin), from director and writer Stuart W. Bedford assisted by Giovannie Gentile and Stu Jopia, known producer of independent projects and for writing Dawning of the Dead [2017].


Better Watch Out (2016) a comedy laced movie, which contains horror and mystery elements, babysitter Ashley (Olivia DeJonge (The Visit [2015])) must defend a 12-year old boy, Luke (Levi Miller) during a home invasion, but some invasions go much deeper and this contains dissection of viciousness.


December 19th

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972) features John Carradine, in a non-speaking role, as Charlie Towman and that is just one of the creepy aspects of horror tale for a weak link to Christmas. Jeffrey’s grandson to the original owner inherits his house, and yet townsfolk skeptical of him and the place as it is highly feared a serial killer roams the landscape or ghosts exist. Perhaps it all relates back to Wilford’s tragic accident or murder on Christmas Eve, time, truth and will tell the secrets. Mary Woronov stars in one of 24 horror films, a seasoned pro in delivering talent to this film, with director Theodore Gershuny (R.I.P. 2007), and using point of view shots tiptoeing into the incestuous relationships, rape and borderline horror rules now commonplace in the scenes. In 2013, a remake of this film occurred entitled, Silent Night, Blood Night: The Homecoming (2013) from director James Plumb; which makes references to Night of the Living Dead (1968); The Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises, as well as to a Lucio Fulci film (guess which one).

Then in 2015, called Silent Night, Blood Night 2: Revival, appeared this movie actually considered a sequel to the 1972 movie giving another film to ho-ho-ho about, from director Dustin Ferguson, who created the movie one week after Christmas, concerning the story of siblings travelling home due to a death in the family, stop at bed and breakfast, and learning of Santa Claus vengeful brother Black Peter.  However, if you seek just a little Christmas horror for the day, take in a short tale “The Christmas Witch”  from Ferguson did for the anthology movie called The 12 Slays of Christmas (2016), a dozen twisted tales filled with dangerous gifts for those on the naughty list.


December 20th

Alien Raiders (2008) sets itself a timeline of five days before Christmas, in Arizona, with a group of masked desperados who invade, and they aren’t seeking eggnog, although a fruitcake does come to mind, as they hunt for vicious extraterrestrials. Director Ben Rock brings a talented crew to give the best lighting and special while the cast portrayed the characters with believable deception, conspiracy theories and blame for others. One wonders if the aliens will disrupt the Holiday or the human race survives. As a follow-up to this film, The Legend of Hell House (1973) which the introduction states December 20, thereby again not a directly a Happy Holiday film, but the date on the screen the inclusion makes it necessary to reestablish some true horror in to the list.

Lake Alice (2017) concerns the Thomas family, head by the father Greg (Peter O’Brien)  as they stay at their cabin in the woods (obviously) on the same name of the title of the film, to celebrate Christmas, and tagging along their daughter, Sarah (Caroline Tudor (Secrets of a Psychopath [2015]) boyfriend, Ryan (Brad Schmidt) their first holiday much to the displeasure of her ex. together.


December 21st

Another wave of newer holiday horror featuring All Through the House (2015) originally released on Halloween of that year, from Todd Nunes, concerning a masked Santa wanting to leave the resident of sleepy in little with screams of horror than joy all making his way to one very special person on this list, could it be Jessica Cameron (The Sleeper [2012]).

Christmas Blood  (2018) this movie made its video premiere on December 18, from Artspolitation, a Norwegian film likely with subtitled concerning a murder who found himself caught after  killing people for 13-years each Christmas night. After 6-years in prison he escapes right before (you guess it) Christmas, and ready to kill once more, now who will have stockings filled with blood.


Slay Belles (2018)  from SpookyDan Walker, tells of the incredible story of Santa (Barry Bostwick) dress as biker,  at hideaway Christmas theme park while 3-cosplayers trespass on the grounds, and Krampus battling Santa for ruling power, though aided by Mrs. Claus who enjoys frisk times with the demon.


December 22nd


Gremlins (1984) the often forgotten Christmas tale, from the creative hands of director Joe Dante, when a young man, Zach Galligan decides to ignore three very important rules, and unleashes from the cute cuddly Gizmo, the Gremlins.  They, the Gremlins, destroy with insane chaos the picturesque town of Kingston Falls, and cause tremendous problems for Dick Miller and Phoebe Cates. While the film contains not much about the Christmas horror, except for the time of year, the inclusion comes for those to occupy themselves, any young children that need to stay away wrapping and assembly continues in another room. In addition, the viewer has the chance to find all famous individuals that have cameo appearances, such as Kenneth Tobey.


The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982) a variation the slasher genre, but is the glory gory days of the subgenre where four students Joanne, Patty, Brian, and Craig  staying on campus working to prep for the demolition of a dormitory, however a serial killer has other intentions.

And All Through the House (2011) no not the same one from yesterday, and the reason not included because this is an older movie, with no connection to this flick, from Ron Mclellen who served as director and writer; of strange movie involving voodoo monsters, a pet called Fluffy Face, all of it driving a man insane and causing to lash out at Christmastime.


December 23rd

Wind Chill (2007) from director Gregory Jacobs a holiday horror thriller, of two bickering college students, a snobbish girl (Emily Blunt) and a meager guy (Ashton Holmes), have an accident on the way home for winter break, and encounter dozens of ghosts whose lives ended due to various situations, but mainly the evil behavior of a highway patrolman (Martin Donovan). This film contains an understanding of a supernatural force, which compels them repeat the incidents of before, throughout night, and the horrors constantly continue for each passing hour all on December 23.

Massacre on Aisle 12 (2016) tired and low paid employees discover a dead man and a duffle bag of cash, all near Christmas, one can wonder what they shall do about this dilemma, in a fun comedy horror movie. The actors tried to keep a straight face, in this farce, yet it all works nicely, with director Jim Klock (6:66PM [2017]) who also the founder of Code 3 Films as well as 20-year police veteran.


Ornaments (2008) most holiday parties one gets invited to have ground rules, no one drives home drunk, and definitely no discussions on religion and politics, however the friends in this movie, none of them learned the lessons all out it plays out in a dark comedy from director Brian Samuel Davis, which some never repeat again.

The Christmas Season Massacre (2001) first off what a title, a horror-comedy, from horror writer and director Jeremy Wallace and accompanied by co-writer Eric Stanze, all set in Christmastown, CA, at the start of Christmas Eve. It is advised that either layoffs the eggnog or really pours it on, as this plot has quite a few hoof prints on it. Basically Tommy (Michael Hill) had a poverty stricken upbringing, causing him to lose one of shoes, and instead of getting a new pair of Christmas shoes, his gift is an eye patch, then toss in pirate theme, with urban legends, a Ouija board in a cemetery, many gruesome murders – and you get a Massacre film for the holiday.

Why not continue with the massacre theme, as we discover Chris R. Notarile’s film from 2008 entitled Axe Massacre, a 12-minute short about an axe wielding nutcase known as Santa Slasher (Frank Feta) attacking a family, perhaps he has ball problem concern firm bushy trees, who knows. For those unaware Notarile, makes fan horror shorts featuring Jason, Michael and Freddy for the most part, and likely held every possible position in the film business, but made original horror movies in total tallying over 30-films.


December 24th

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), a holiday favorite of horror fans, and require viewing each season, and recommend viewing it on Christmas Eve, for the uninformed, Tim Burton created the story and characters and Henry Selick directed the animation film. Jack Skellington the reigning king of Halloweentown finds Christmas Town, confuses the concept and rains hell and spookiest of toys down upon the children and families. Danny Elfman and Chris Sarandon shared responsibilities for Jack’s voice, with Catherine O’Hara as Sally, and Edward Ivory portraying Santa and many other noted actors providing voices for the characters. This film truly prepares a horror fan for the next day, with the right mentality and the ability to endure all the mind-numbing Christmas Spirit elements.

As all parents know the little ones those precious children are likely going nuts the days leading up to Christmas, and trying to keep them from driving everyone crazier, you need to figure to calm them down, well try A Scooby-Doo! Christmas, at mere 22-minutes, not bad for a small diversion. After all, one likely has a few Scooby-Doo ornaments on the tree. Here the gang venture through the town of Winter Hollow and cross paths with the Headless Snowman. A saving grace for parents, if this doesn’t work there’s Scooby-Doo: 13 Spooky Tales – Holiday Chills and Thrills available, now finding it is another mission, good luck!

Now the kiddies tucked away, and someone trying to put the gifts together, why not watch P2 (2007) refers to a parking level and section, and most people have parked in one at some point in their lives, especially during the holiday season, who lurks in the shadows, or wanders the parking supposedly looking for their park. Writer Alexandre Aja works a wonderful script the places an aspiring business-woman stalked by psychotic individual after locked in a parking garage on Christmas Eve. This film works very well as almost all of the viewers have experienced a form of disorientation in a parking lot, and then director Franck Khalfoun heightens the terror, with shifting shadows, echoing sounds, causing one to hurried the thought process for correct decisions and physical responses. The entire cast does a wonderful job of presenting the terror in different levels and suggestions, some bold and other subtle work very well.


December 25th

Still seeking to escape on the 25th, indulge in being ‘naughty, naughty ’perhaps a 5-part sequel is right up your alley, so if the children are screaming and the mother-in-law frustration becoming a tad too much for one to handle then this treat might solve that problem, especially if you didn’t get that new chainsaw or ax that you wanted.  Director Charles E. Sellier Jr. brings the story from author Paul transforming it into Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984), an obvious play on words of the holiday hymn “Silent Night, Holy Night” by Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr, however herein, there’s not quite a silent night, rather one fills the crisp air with screams of horror.  One the most noted scream queen of the industry graces the screen is none other than Linnea Quigley, in only her sixth horror film of her career, and whom recently did a homage scene to this film, in Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas (2012). Sellier brought this controversial film to the theaters, and met with parent protesting its release, and incredibly his last horror film. Many involved in this first film of the series, later tried to distance themselves from it, due it attacking the innocence of the time of season the image on Santa Claus. The film met with disastrous results at the box office, protests from parent groups leading to the remove of the film, and the results of the graphic natural of murder scene, even though the scenes were similar to Tales From the Crypt (1972) and Christmas Evil (1980). In addition and very shockingly the backlash to this horror film, appeared nonexistent for A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) released one week later, on November 16th about a child-killing monster named Freddy. The first film brings the tale of an orphan boy, a victim of murdered parents by a Santa, and brainwashed Mother Superior (Lilyan Chauvin) who later acquires a job, dons the infamous Santa suit and SNAPS! Billy (Robert Brian Wilson) runs about slaughter those he deems “Naughty” and the body count totals more than Santa’s reindeer – closer to 13. Now, that the horror ended, but the day of Christmas has not, time to continue into Lee Harry’s Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987) with someone ready to defend Santa’s choices of who is naughty and nice out steps Ricky (Eric Freeman), avenging his brother Billy’s reign of terror by any means necessary. Pray for Mother Superior now portrayed by Jean Miller, for all the Hail Mary’s may not save her this time, then again, if one has not torn into enough gifts, then this film allows for much slasher.


If you have still have the in-laws over, and the time to sing carols begins to rear its ugly head, one might escape to view Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out (1989) torturous time that betters itself against the agony of syrupy Christmas songs. This time Monte Hellman serves as director of Rex Weiner and Arthur Gorson screenplay involving a mixture of zombie and Frankenstein, under the demented doctor Dr. Newbury (Richard Beymer), experiments. Ricky returns finding resurrection and link to methods with ESP while ready to take charge of the finishing the naughty list. Santa Claus Ricky (Bill Moseley – an added treat) focuses his attention on a blind woman named Laura (Samantha Scully), and no one stops Santa from his rounds.

As one might think Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 (1990) continues the Killer in a Santa Suit – sorry that’s incorrect, Brian Yuzna’s uses a page of the Halloween series, namely part 3, this time the killing involves a witchcraft ritual occurring on Christmas Eve. The general plot of the film involves a reporter, Kim who investigates a story without her boyfriend Hank (Reggie Bannister) while facing off with a villainous Ricky (Clint Howard).

Time to finish of Christmas and the last film in the series, Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991), a version of Halloween III, with a toymaker and special needing boy, making special toys that enjoy killing their owners, children, though some wish that Sid of Toy Story had those toys.  A few trivia pieces that truly make the film interesting to watch first actor Clint Howard reprises his role of Ricky, and the toymaker name Joe Peto (think Pinocchio (1940) – Geppetto), played by Mickey Rooney who slammed the first film in this franchise and yet a here he is portraying a role. According to the spirits of Christmas, a rumored part 6 exists made for a television movie in 2010, made from edited clips of the first movie of franchise.

Still not ready to join the festivities, Silent Night (2012), a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night, comes from director Steven C. Miller, as the storyline as a Midwest town dripping with blood instead of icicles, and holiday chores turning into gore, this Santa has a list check it twice and slashing citizens off of it – all on Christmas Eve. Steven’s cast takes on their own element of holiday cheer, with horror hound Rick Skene, who also is no stranger to this sub-genre, as he starred in Santa’s Slay (2005), accompany Rick, disturbing actor Malcolm McDowell. Silent Night brings a beautiful sparkle the scene with the appearance of Jessica Cameron, another addition to the scream queen ranks.


December 26th


The Exorcist (1973) inclusion in the list, simple two-fold first it is a fantastic film from William Friedkin and screenwriter William Peter Blatty, and secondly the film was originally released on December 26, 1973, one day after Christmas, a sacred day many Christians, hence a bit of blasphemy that occurs.

However since the purpose of this article and list main focus centers on Christmas Horror, then Treevenge (2013) must make the list, a short 16-minute film available for free on Vimeo from director Jason Eisener, who assisted writer Rob Cotterill. This is a hilariously bizarre film, which will shock and awe the gore-hounds with sheer delights and make one wonder about the wrath of Mother Nature, as cut down Christmas Trees exact revenge on the sinister impolite citizens. The movie reference Lucio Fulci’s Zombie and Santa’s Slay (2005) the star on top of the tree and for good measure no one not even pets miss the bloodbath, even a baby’s face results in a smashing good time of blood and violence.

But wait there’s more fun in classics episodes of television Christmas horror such as Tales from the Crypt “And All Through the House” this version aired in 1989, that starred Mary Ellen Trainor (RIP 2015) of a greedy woman murders her husband while a madman dressed as Santa lurks wanting to deliver his own choicest gift. Sounds familiar well it is, this a retelling of the famous story of the same name in the actual Tales from the Crypt movie of (1972), in which Joan Collins plays the murderous wife.

Want more, no problem there’s many of classics that contain an episode for the holiday, it’s just like any show when the chance arises for Halloween tie-in it occurs no difference, The Twilight Zone “The Night of the Meek” (1960) a very high ranked episode, in which a fired Santa finds a bag of gifts and gives them to the less fortunate. The Tales from the Darkside even got into the act with “The Yattering and Jack” (1987) written by Clive Barker, about demon wanting Jack’s soul… Even American Horror Story “Unholy Night” (2012) brings a murderous Santa out of his padded cell to cause chaos at Briarcliff Manor. Then must not overlook  The Addams Family “Christmas with the Addams Family” which leads to the strange The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas (1996) where family works to get Eddie Munster (Bug Hall (Arachnoquake [2012])  into the jollies of Santa. Curious note of this show, originally the cast of Here Come the Munsters (1966) supposed to reprise their roles, but after skirmish over salaries, a new cast hired.


December 27th

Dead End (2003) is the Christmas version of Wrong Turn (2003), involving Frank who is on his way to the in-laws, with his family and for the first time in 20-years decides to take a shortcut resulting in a gift of nightmarish delights. Directors and writers Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa present a mysterious thrilling tale and an equaling developing twisting plot to engage the audience, and starring Ray Wise, Lin Shaye as Frank and Laura, respectively acting as a married couple of many years. Sometimes Christmas presents gifts that have strings, and others harken into the past to capture ghosts plunging one in freezing madness.


Nevertheless with all the activities the surround this holiday season, and although the big ended most consider Christmastime a  practice continue for the full 31 days, therefore, why not include a few more short films that squeeze themselves into your life before heading either a boring job or another family party/ dinner, these movies found on YouTube and cross-reference in  The Horror Times library, presented for your enjoyment.

Scary Little Fuckers (2015) set on Christmas Eve a drunk father trying mend a broken relationship his son, brings him a devilish creature known as a Fooka which causes havoc, from screenwriter Lenny Schwartz and director Nathan Suher.

Deathly Presents (2015) the duo team of Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, tell the story of  strange family experience, the peaceful moment gather around the tree Johnny can’t wait hence, his parents  allow to open one gift early  when sinister sounds echo from upstairs. The film comes from Bloody cuts responsible for a series short films found here:


December 28th

Santa Claws (1996), also known as ‘Tis the Season,  starring the scream queen Debbie Rochon as Raven Quinn, under the direction of John A. Russo brings a holiday horror film that actually delves deeper that the story presents itself. A young man finds is mother, who’s divorced having sex with man in a Santa Claus hat, and SNAPS – kills both, fast forward to the present, and believes he’s Santa and has the gift both murder and obsession for Raven. Raven believes her neighbor is a good man; however, Wayne (Grant Kramer) is a stalking Santa. However, when Raven slights him indirectly the admirations turn to jealous and dressed in Santa Claus suit the body count races along just like the remaining shopping days in December. This particular film finds itself on many horror Christmas lists, but that is from the talented combination of Rochon (with over 170 horror film credits excels the b-movie skills) and Russo (and man who penned the original Night of the Living Dead, and doesn’t mind keeping his hands bloody).

While the previous contains a wild story, why not double the insanity with Psycho Santa, really does not contain a  much of a plot, a couple bicker of over the love and hate of Christmas, and it turns to a series of series of short stories, anthology flick, with without much care, so why include e on the list, one it’s a Christmas horror, and if not present, never hear the end of it, some elves likely become upset over it and I be placed on the extreme insensitive list (supersedes the naughty list).  However, can’t omit the Satan Claus movie from 1996 in which this Santa seeks to decorate a tree with body parts, as he stalks and slays with his ho-ho-hos and shining axe on the streets of New York city if you can find the runtime a meager 61-minutes.


December 29th

To All a Goodnight (1980) comes from the legendary and now deceased David Hess, his feature length film, and horror nonetheless, involving a Finishing School for Girls, with limited students as Christmas break started. A group of wealthy young men who have ulterior sexual motives round up a few female friends for some nocturnal activities, however a killer arrives at the same time dressing as Santa. This film has a fine twist planted within and one wonders if Kevin Williamson saw this film as wrote Scream (1996).

Christmas with Cookie (2016) takes place in 3978 where global warming made the desert the North Pole and Santa (Alan Maxson) and Mrs. Claus, battle angry skeleton creatures unhappy with their gifts, while aliens want the world and that’s not even the crazy part, the film just a tad under 1-hour and available for free on VOD platforms. The movie spun two spins-off a short-film and another lasting over an hour, I kid you not.

Fret not, I would end the night there, Secret Santa (2015)  about a group college students trying to survive exam weekend, in a film identity as a b-movie and send up to slasher films with a few twists the normal styles of those classic movies and using the game of secret Santa gifting to explore the guts and gore to the holiday season from director Mike McMurran.

December 30th

Blackout (2009) anyone who ever experience a blackout in the town or city, it’s fun for a moment, then downright scary, especially if no one comes around soon, the stillness of the night, plays on the worst human fear, the unknown herein at residents in apartment building begin to fall victims to monsters, a game of them vs death.

Darkest Night (2012) a family gathers together for a pleasant reunion and marriage announcement all on Christmas Day at idyllic mansion, in the Philippine mountain, thoroughly isolated when series sickening bizarre incidents begin to occur with tragic results, note it’s in English and done a found footage manner.

Secret Santa (2018) a slasher fest, from director Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday [1993]) who also wrote the script, about secret visitor pours truth serum into a family’s fruit punch.

To help close out the night how another short film (18-minutes) involving horror-comedy  about JoBeth an 11-year-old girl who continually gets bullied writes a letter to Santa Claus asking for revenge instead of toys. Some wishes come true when Santa and his elves bring extreme violence to those continue down the naughty path. Want to see it:


December 31st

Well you’ve made to the last day of the year, and with that there’s a total of 28 horror movies that use New Year’s Eve in the plot, now you could cheat and search them out online, or scroll down for some of them here, however know how much so e you crave marathons and wanting to  explore as much horror as possible, there’s an article coming out on December 27th noting all the films you could possibly watch in 24-hrs of New Year’s Eve or 1,440 minutes, face it we’ll extend that into a 48 period, as the flicks set themselves start on The Eve and extend into the New Years’ Day hence 2,880 minutes

New Year’s Evil (1980) for many horror fanatics, this film became a ritual to view on New Year’s Eve, a standard slasher film, from director Emmett Alston and writer Leonard Neunbauer about a killer whose plan involves killing someone when New Year’s strikes in each time zone. Leonard who passed away in 2011, had this film as his swan song in all categories, no reason ever arose to why he vanished from the pages of script, meanwhile Grant Cramer (Derek), a producer and actor continue in horror vein and in fact was also in another Christmas horror favorite Santa Claws (1996).  Emmett’s film hinted towards to obsessed fans, though never travels too far in that direction, likely not wanted to distance the movie from popcorn munching slasher crowd.

ATM (2012) convenient for both patrons and predators, as three co-workers David, Emily and Corey from office party leave earlier sharing a ride all with various mixed agendas, they stop an ATM, a lonely out in the middle of nowhere and the park a tad distance from it. Their holiday plans soon spiral out of control, as they must battle an individual who seems to know all the angles and solutions. David (Brian Geraghty most noted for his recurring role on Chicago P.D.) takes the lead in the film, under direction of David Books and follows Chris Sparling’s screenplay even though coal lies ahead for the co-workers.


Terror Train (1980) from director Roger Spottiswoode, and starred the always popular Jamie Lee Curtis, who film this movie back to back with Prom Night, having come of the highly scary and popular Halloween film from 1978. It concerns a fraternity and sister sorority spend the New Years on a train, but someone from their past seeking to make it all a bloody new year, with screams of horror than joy. It notable starred Ben Johnson, and known widely on the western film circuit, and starring in his first movie David Copperfield.

As the clock ticks down to the end of the year, why gear up for the next round of celebrations with the movie Holidays (2016), after all Valentine’s Day fast approaches, for those with lonely hearts, better start collecting them now.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the films listed in this article over 100 (!!!) and note that the ghostly tales of a Christmas Carol were not included, since it clearly remains apart from the horror realm and that Scrooge turns to the good side, and away from evil. This creation took hours to develop, and gave solid thought of the films included, which in the end, as many as possible, so, as the hectic season of hassling shopping, pushy coughing sneezing crowds, slippery snow, and troublesome in-laws mounts around you, grab some time with a Christmas theme horror film, release some rage and relax as someone streams the bowels of Holly, blood stains cover the snow.