First, Victor Crowley, actually Hatchet IV, but it goes much further than with director and creator Adam Green citing how his hero Wes Craven’s death affected him and brought him back to his own franchise once more. Even George A. Romero informed Adam this character still offers a lot the genre and especially the fans, that’s who the film is ideally for, not necessarily the masses but rather the core of splatter-punks and gore-hounds for recalling the fond days of slasher grisly horrors. This production stayed secret for two years and unveiled just 37-days after Romero passed on but has since clamored great attention from the fans. Kane Hodder reprises his role as the title character, marking his record four-times portraying one character the other, Jason Voorhees, all offering up his radical fun plan of splatter enjoyment for the fans who crave the slasher heyday.  I’m unsure how many readers yet to enjoy or cringe from this flick, therefore going to cut it short and avoid many spoilers in the second of the film.

Following on from the events of the original trilogy (neatly recapped for newcomers during the opening credits), set 10-years later as Andrew Yong (Shen), sole survivor of the original Crowley massacre, still trying to tell his side of the story. However, the public accusing him of the killings, a court case finding him not guilty, yet nobody actually believes his stories about Victor Crowley. Andrew sits down for a reality talk show, hosted by his ex-wife Sabrina (Krystal Jay Brown) and later at his book signing of I, Survivor arranged by his pill popping greedy PR person Kathleen (Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp fame and The Last House (2015)). Then one of the attendees want his signature on a girl’s breasts and asks for to sign the other one addressing it to her father, crazier a guy whips out his manhood wanting him to sign it. This all starts some of the outrageous funny dialogue, throughout the film. We have a group of aspiring filmmakers seeking to get Andrew for their project headed by Chloe (Katie Booth) and her boyfriend Alex (Chase Williamson (SiREN (2016)), and BFF Rose (Laura Ortiz) head to the bayou/swamps for backstory meaning the local actor and tour boat guide Dillon (Dave Sheridan), clearly reminding audiences of a young Bruce Campbell. Meanwhile Kathleen whisks Andrew away with a promise of one million dollars if he ventures back to the Crowley place on a small plane with a tiny crew from Sabrina’s show including Casey (Tiffany Shepis (Wrath of the Crows (2013)), Brian Quinn as Austin and others.  Chaos occurs after Rev. Zombie (Tony Todd) utters the legendary curse words, which has Ghost Crowley stalking the earth again. Soon enough Andrew’s plane crashes, with a lot of the mayhem, blood and agony on the plane, a benefit for the audience, with Dillion and Rose going to the plane crash with others staying behind to wait (for death). Come on, fans you know how this game plays. This many characters find themselves losing their, faces, heads, and brains; in case doing the impression of the infamous scene in Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – just gotta see it!

The gags and splatter effects, such creating a bit of suspense involving a motion sensor light switching on and off, readily for a few jump scares, a tad too much foreshadowing, but the viewers more intend on the brutal force killing of Hodder, who’s 120-plus horror film credits have everyone primed for the blood splattering delights. As the comedic lines mix into the story all work to break the tension filling moments, fits nicely, never forced, and really come together with both the Dillon and Andrew characters.

Victor Crowley easily Green’s spurting slashing insanity, with sexual innuendos, and making it a visual display for the hardcore horror fans to enjoy with immense gusto. This movie exists for the fans, and the filmmaker’s love of the genre and to the heroes of the genre Craven and Romero, gives it a wonderful twist in what appears only as a trilogy now looks more as a franchise.  An incredible fun ride with a b-movie lovefest occurring on the screen, and something the fans demanded finally got made their way!

IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

Baron’s Rating: 6.5/10