This movie technically contains no plot, wait, it must have something, what it does contain are bits of other films which have zero impact or basis for their inclusion. It’s not a version of the Mystery Science Theatre, or Riff Tracks, that’s far too good for this film, which the filmmakers list as a horror movie. Now that’s another problem, there’s no horror aside from using the words ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Horror’ in the title. The equivalent of this concept Casper, the Friendly Ghost yes it states ‘Ghost’ clearly not a horror movie. Therefore, in the land of DOA, one discovers all types of sludge and wretched films that should never see the light of day ever again, but one must peer into the darkness to make sure you, the horror fans, don’t find themselves swallowed into these messes.

What one likely may surmise is that Bigfoot Horror Camp involves a Bigfoot and Camp, actuality it starts with a couple of nudists attacked by the creature, after they enjoyed a bit of off-screen sex. First, this is not a pornographic movie, or even a skin flick, it tries to sell itself at times with that theme, not even close to that quality. This makes one wonder who the intend audience becomes, since it’s not campy, cheesy, or for horror fans, nor the skin flicks folks, then who? Likely the company Old Mill Entertainment can assist according to their website making movies of escapism and compelling stories, well sadly this misses on both counts. Its seems the production was rushed and perhaps trying to balance itself in campy and skin movies yet landing in DOA territory. David Zani directed and produced it while Wallace Olderfield served as screenwriter, creating a 50-minute film, with at least 2-minutes worth of opening credits on a budget of $350,000. However, it appears Monster of the Nudist Colony (2013) from director Steve Goldenberg a film tallying 79-minutes attached to this film in a few ways. A sticky icky movie mess.


Let’s look at this in wide spectrum of the film, one knows there’s some T&A while a beast begins to attack a Circle Double D nudist colony (cute innuendo name) out in the desert, quickly finding a couple enjoying cuddle time naked. Later that same couple Joe and Heather tell the Detective (that the feds send in, who is their lead Bigfoot expert to solve the case) and how we get to this point completely irrelevant. Then this expert decides to tell his wife, Mary about the case, calls it a yeti (wait – Yeti is the snow version of Bigfoot, sounded less like an expert). He decides to reenter the colony posing as a couple with his wife to investigate the attacks that the Feds think could be the missing link between man and beast. Soon after arriving his wife strips, and images of bare breasts and buns fill the screen.

Whoa nelly, there’s no sex scenes and sometimes the cast wearing quite a bit clothing for a nudist colony. However, the biggest problem often enough other clips of movies appear, on a Samsung television screen at times, with a very fake background why this was done no reason.  The viewer is then watching the movie, while watching another movie on a television, and then sometimes the voiceovers on the smaller screen overlap into the dialogue of the main move. The editing sucks!

The clips seem to come from a Bigfoot film, a 60’s sci-fi movie, and a jungle adventure film (with science fiction elements) all presented in a random manner edited them all together very sloppily. Approximately 30-minutes is comprised of clips from old movies how much and often, requires a further investigation. UGH!

At the time mark of 3:32 the film Kong Island (1968) [aka: King of Kong Island] from director Roberto Mauri plays part-way through, a scene involving a woman (Ursula Davis) and her friends going game hunting for sacred monkeys in the forbidden jungle. This movie lasts for 2-minutes, then back to the movie for about 2-minutes before the viewer switch over to a snippet of The Legend of Bigfoot (1975) directed by Harry Winer whose dialogue carries over into the scene in the actual movie. Noting the next major, impossible to know the actors or their roles, it was only by luck I discovered who portrayed Mary, and the cast names tells me nothing except a few people known as Lexi Belle, Angie Savage, and Bridgette B. (umm okay).  Then after more meaningless chatter Kong Island plays some more before we get a weird action sequence of Bigfoot captures a nude woman taken to open air building tying her up and making her dance while he sits down to watch. (WTF!)

Then time for another movie slice this time from Curse of Bigfoot (1975) Dave Flocker directed, (another flick available on Amazon Prime), before a quick switch to the sci-fi movie Night Fright (1967) by James A. Sullivan (also on Prime) of teens boogying in the woods. Ah, back to the actually movie, where Bigfoot captures another woman who wants twenty-dollar bills to dance and twerk. Soon enough their dances make him change back into a normal guy first naked, thankfully covering his junk, but next scene wearing shorts. All followed by some light screaming and everyone including the funniest looking security guard ever come hurrying over to learn of the discovery.


The title contributes to the death, along with the plot (lack of) and that about 25-minutes of this movie taken from Monster of the Nudist Colony. In addition, scenes from various clips all trimmed to avoid the naughty bits in the flick yet keep enough for the target market of the male teenager interested. One easily gets to see the film equipment in the scenes, the Bigfoot character wears an awful gorilla suit which has short pant legs and black gym shoes. As for IMDb lending any help with casting or crew, well the only actor listed is TJ Cummings. This contains horrendous acting and editing, which cause nothing but a series of problems for any conscious viewers.


What is the reason this film was mad? It’s filled with nonsensical dialogue, jump cuts, poor editing, terrible acting, and worst no true plot, just random scenes. Upon further investigation into the company who made this Old Mill Entertainment, one learns more about them and their flicks (Confession of a Vampire and Vampire Vixens), of which many including Bigfoot Horror Camp, all included with Amazon Prime. The best bet avoid this colony, and Gorillas/Bigfoots wearing gym sneakers, as this film return to the DOA Wasteland for countless more years.

IMDb Rating: 2.6/10

Baron’s Rating: 1.8/10