RIP – Dick Miller (1928 – 2019) – 90-years old


The shockwaves of Dick Miller’s death slowly rumbled out on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 with the first site reporting on Fright-Rags, then Variety, IMDb and so on. As a fan of his numerous roles, playing them straight-faced and his great character acting leaving his mark on the industry likely to shine for countless years. If you never heard of him, unsure what say, you missed one of the greats, however his films are all available to view, although you likely know of him you just never connected the person and name.

His career started with the extraordinary b-movie producer Roger Corman and spanned for 60-years with one of his trademark characters becoming a reoccurring theme in movies, ‘Walter Paisley’ from the film A Bucket of Blood (1959). This character appeared as a diner owner in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983), a janitor in Chopping Mall (1986), as Officer Paisley in Night of the Creeps (1986)  and amusing occult-bookshop owner in The Howling (1981). He had the fullest of careers worked with Mary Woronov and Kevin McCarthy, but best of all in appearing in every film directed by Joe Dante. Later, in his life he traveled on the convention circuit reminiscing with the fans, about his 50-year old cheaply made sci-fi and horror films and how they possessed “magic”.

The Horror Times, wishes to pass on our condolences to both his family and fans, and a thank you for his military service in the United States Navy.


A list of his films found in the Remembrance of the Dead for January 2019.