Mezco Toyz, is an interesting company they release some wonderful collector pieces for those on the modest budgets, and have excellent customer service, in case in rare situations a problem arises, hence they get Baron’s endorsement.

Therefore the newest Pre-Orders:

From the Living Dead Dolls product line comes The Shining: Talking Grady Twins, a refreshing item for The Shining, aside from the special edition of a shiny axe there’s not much in the collector’s line for this film, aside from the Poster, Lobby Cards, the Soundtrack, Book, and of course the book.

Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ has been immortalized as the Grady Twins join the Living Dead Dolls family!

The memorable scene from the cult classic is recreated: depress the button discreetly hidden on one of the twin’s backs and hear her speak their signature phrases including “Come play with us, Danny…” and “For ever, and ever, and ever…”

The Grady Twins come outfitted in matching blue dresses with ruffle detailing, waist belts with bows, knee-high socks, and Mary Jane shoes.

The Living Dead Dolls Presents The Shining: Talking Grady Twins stand 10” tall and feature 5 points of articulation. They are packaged together in a die-cut window box, perfect to display for ever…and ever…and ever.

Ships July – Sept 2019



Now time to stalk your nightmares with MDS Mega Scale

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Mega Scale Talking Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger, the dream-haunting slasher from the original ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ films, is coming for you!

The MDS Mega Scale Talking Freddy Krueger stands at a frightening 15” tall and says 5 nightmare-inducing phrases from the original films including “You think you was going to get away from me?!”

The dream demon is dressed in his infamous striped sweater and fedora. He features a newly sculpted head portrait, razor glove, and 11 points of articulation.

The MDS Mega Scale Talking Freddy Krueger comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box, perfect for display.

Ships June – Aug 2019




Now these two items very well detailed, the only downside the talking abilities likely end after a year or two, as to replace the batteries means ruining the collectible of the piece. Too bad an ac adapter doesn’t exist to plug in the rear of the packaged. Well I suppose will some purchase two of them.


Then a new product creation called Burst-a-Box, featuring IT (2017): Pennywise

Now unfortunately this one you’ll need to play with Pennywise, it works off the old-fashioned ‘Jack in the box” toy. Otherwise is just a box painted with Pennywise on the outside, so depending on your love affair with the movie it might be worthy of your interest.


Mezco’s Burst-A-Box is a pop culture infused twist on one of the most beloved, classic toys, the jack-in-the-box.

The IT (2017) Burst-A-Box features Pennywise – the red balloon-toting, demonic clown that terrorizes the children of Derry.

This fully functioning jack-in-the-box is approximately 14” tall when “popped”. The Burst-A-Box features a detailed sculpted head and a clothed spring body, all encased in a tin music box.

Designed after his appearance in the film, Pennywise features a menacing grin and sports his signature clown suit.

Burst-A-Box: IT (2017) – Pennywise comes packaged popped-out of his tin and perfect for display in a collector-friendly window box.


Ships May – July 2019


Well that concludes the new products from Mezco Tops for this January, with the toy Fair 2019, fast approach who know what new products they’ll have and other frightening attractions for decorating you home.


A final footnote, just to note the Burst-a-Box, still has Friday The 13th Part VII: Jason Voorhees and Scarred Chucky both released in 2017, the price of $50 each.