And yes here’s another podcast show, this one features more extreme music, Black Metal/ Death Metal/ and Grindcore, this show actually was part of Shredding Metal Beasts, but eventually led to its own broadcasting. A very offensive, hence upon the popular request of the listeners, the birth of an Abomination to Decency and those upset with policy matters of the site FB, I will be posting playlists, links to the bands and links to the shows and perhaps even more at some point these for now will give advance to notice to the Halloween Blitz of Programming. Those unaware Sinister Death started in October of 2015 with 115 shows, airing primarily on Thursday Nights, at 11p EST

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Sinister Death ep118 November 17

Link to the show available LIVE or playback–118th-extreme-metal-show

Playlist for the Show

Behexen – Chalice Of The Abyssal Water

Archgoat – Angelcunt

Profanatica – Curling Flame

Evil Brain Taste – Hello, I Want To Kill You

Abbath – Root of the Mountain

Diabolical Messiah – Decapitated Nazarene

Deranged – Deflower The Dead

Funeral Baptism – The Pact

Gore Obsessed – Satanic Rites of Dracula

Morbus 666 – Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the Devil

Cropsy Maniac – The Burning

Morphosys – The Saw Is Family

Vocifera – All Evil For Your Majesty

Warhorde – Halloween II

Goatfukk – Black Candles Burn

Crest of Darkness – Chosen By the Devil

Denial of God – Black Horror Metal

Swampcult – Chapter IV Procession

Hellhate – Incense Smells Not Better Than Crap

Countess – The Priest Must Die

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY – Foul Parody of the Lord’s Supper

Nimphaion – Welcome To The House Of Usher

Bestial Devastator – Satanic Rage

H.E.W.D.A.T. – Awakening Of Evil

TERROR – Empalador (Vlad Tepes)

HELLGOAT – Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast

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Sinister Death ep119 November 29