Join us on a new adventure, into the Mysterious Void, where colors vanish, pure sound exists, the music heard, features Gothic themes, industrial even a hint of techno, all of it swirling into vast exploration of unknown boundaries, the enjoyment found by venturing into the void freeing oneself of all limitations.The show had success therefore another one for your pleasure.

In addition, the popular request of the listeners and those upset with policy matters of the site FB, I will be posting playlists, links to the bands and links to the shows please take a moment to “like” the FB page.

Mysterious Void – 2nd Show – 10p EST airing from NJ – November 25–2nd-industrial-gothic-show

Twitch – Introduction To Your Revolution (XSRY Remix)

Arctic Sunrise – Silent Tears

Versus – If We Can´t Let Go

Karmic Link – Your Fire Will Burn for Centuries

Echotime – The Lighthouse

Jovian Spin – Scream and Shout

Gates of Dawn – Isolated

Goja Moon Rockah – Vampire Party

Dead Guitars – Blue

Mystigma – Dancing With Witches

Cardillac Complex – Yesterdays Burden

All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve (feat. Tim Chandler)

Hidden Souls – Hearts And Minds (Paralyzed Rmx)

Dead Emotion (Charles Cudd) – BYTCH

No Comment – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

Inner Core – Blame

Lost Area – Lies

Ikon – Answers To Nothing

Batalion D Amour – Charlotte (English Version Radio Edit)

Memoremains – Turn

Nox Interna – Rebel Yell

Reactive Black – Thoughts

Whispers in the Shadow – Incantation


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Entering the Void