As many know I run multiple podcast shows, and upon the popular request of the listeners and those upset with policy matters of the site FB, I will be posting playlists, links to the bands and links to the shows and perhaps even more at some point these for now will give advance to the next month coming. Those unaware Shredding Metal Beasts started August of 2014 and continues with 169 shows, airing primarily on Tuesdays Nights, at 11p EST. This is an politically incorrect broadcast and offensive.

Next Show:

SHREDDING METAL BEASTS ep173 November 20–173rd-show

Tonight a special tribute to Ben Linton the drummer of Chemical Rage, our friendship grew from just playing his band’s music on our show often, to chatting about metal music and the genre. Ben passed on from his battle with cancer, it was a shock, one day he’s here… the next he’s gone. In the past our shows did tributes to a place or country struck by a terrorist attack, or by playing cover tracks for the passing of Motorhead (Lemmy), but this time its all for Ben. The First Hour is Chemical Rage, with a fitting ending… a lengthy drum solo by Snowy Shaw.

Chemical Rage – Armageddon

Chemical Rage – Chemical Rage

Chemical Rage – Angel of Death

Chemical Rage – White Knuckle

Chemical Rage – Break the Spell

Chemical Rage – Broken

Chemical Rage – Let Me Breathe

Chemical Rage – Rivers Edge

Chemical Rage – Storm

Chemical Rage – Take the Pain

Chemical Rage – We Rise

Chemical Rage – Ain’t So Easy

Chemical Rage – GHOST

Fireforce – Metal Rages On


Aggression – YYZ (Rush cover)

Ironlung featuring Wizard Of Ozz – Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath Cover)

Bernhard Welz – DRUM JAM

Stormwarrior – Deathe by the Blade (Sascha Waack on Drums)

The Psycho Season – We Die Young


Mechanix – My Style

Adrenicide – Fight To The Death



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SHREDDING METAL BEASTS ep172 November 13–172-show

Playlist for the Show

No Gods – Coven

SODOMIZER – Fighting with Zombies

Suicide Puppets – Blacken Days

Madrost – The Silence in Ruins

The Devil’s Bastards – To the Lost

Axeslasher – Invasion of the Babesnatchers

Macabre – Werewolf Of Bedburg

Patazera – Guerrerista

Unleash the Archers – General Of The Dark Army

Defiatory – Dance Of The Dead

Jenner – Demon’s Call

IKILLYA – Jekyll Better Hide

Holycide – Human’s Last Dawn

Against Evil (India) – All Hail the King

Eye Of The Enemy – Violent Rapture

Terminal Prospect – Blood Burning Veins

Fabulous Desaster – Death Is Loud

Foaming at the Mouth – Reanimation of a Corpse

DARK MINISTRY – Voodoo Sacrifice

Andi the Wicked – That Rocks

Mikey Cunningham and The Aftermath – 666

Frozen By Fire – See You in Hell

Desert Near The End – Ashes Descent

Fatal Embrace – Stay Hungry (Twisted Sister Cover)