Many things influence musicians, the types music they enjoy listening to, the world around them, and their location, and with the emergence of Worselder in 2008, they continue to grow, with the ability of infusing multiple genres into an infectious style. Their French metal combine with intense vocals drives the music from thrash and moved over to power, with a tinge of hard rock filtered into the realm too. Now with the latest venture “Paradigms Lost” released by Sliptrick Records on June 1, 2017, this raises the stakes even more, opening themselves to a wider audience.

Sometimes attempting a new approach, or even a subgenre, can leave the fans confused, just look at Metallica, when the grunge scene appeared they flipped the script and their look, abandoning the fans, while others such as Slayer never went in that direction. Needless to say, Worselder has been making the moves over time not all at once, thereby using hooks with melodies and lyrics, supported by great musicianship. They mixed the thrash with a groove of metal and engages the listener very well, and solid pacing, never appears hurried or rush, steady guitar solos and each song speaking for itself, a refreshing maneuverer.

Worselder’s songwriting also works very well, marking current reminders in society and echoing back to historical events assisted often by the bass and pounding drums, and developing catchy riffs and spreading the design of the music to an industrial level. ‘Severed’ noted an old school metal feel, while ‘My Consuming Grief’ broods a more ominous feel which sounds more power metal by the end of the track.

Track Listing:
1. Infighting
2. Paradigms Lost
3. Seeds of Rebellion
4. Idols
5. The Sickening
6. Severed
7. My Consuming Grief
8. Home of the Grave
9. The Haven
10. Land of Plenty

Worselder are:
Guillaume Granier – Vocals
Yoric Oliveras – Guitar
Jérémie Delattre – Guitar
Michel Marcq – Drums
Yannick Fernandez – Bass

Simply stated, Worselder definitely is not your standard metal, they won’t and can’t be pigeon holed and therefore, if you’re adventurous with music choice then try this.



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