When it comes to the metal genre, there are many sub-groupings, one that battles often both style and lyrics is none other than Power Metal, and the Italian band Dragonhammer definitely fits the bill, both with their name and imagery. This subgenre, hails bands like Blind Guardian and Helloween who established the scene in the early 1990s, proving the fans wanted something more elaborate and meaningful in the style. Therefore, Dragonhammer combines the subgenre with progressive influences of Dream Theater and released “Obscurity” on My Kingdom Music on October 27, 2017, delivering an epic power metal album.

Most of the music delivers the epic power found in the symphonic style, mixing the right measure of well-crafted tracks, especially the lyrics. I know the subgenre gets identified with the term of cheese-metal, but many bands exist in the style expanding the boundaries such as Manowar, in fact, over 7,300 bands have existed in the course of the metal scene in power metal genre (a quick search on Metal Archives site).

The two standout tracks ‘The Game of Blood’ and ‘Fighting the Beast’ though ‘Brother vs Brother’ measures out nicely, a standard intro track accompanies the album entitled ‘Darkness is Coming’, while nothing ruins the overall concept, it does contain a ballad-like song ‘Remember My Name’. The musicianship comes across in a stellar display, soaring vocals and very good control of them, along with technical superior riffing, and the powerful drums all give the listener a sound offering.

Track Listing:
1 – Darkness is Coming – 1.39 (instrumental)
2 – The Eye of the Storm – 4:30
3 – Brother vs Brother – 3:57
4 – Under the Vatican’s Ground – 4:36
5 – The Game of Blood – 4:40
6 – The Town of Evil – 5:36
7 – Children of the Sun – 5:46
8 – Fighting the Beast – 4:38
9 – Remember My Name – 4:49
10 – Obscurity – 5:51

Band Line-Up:
Gae Amodio – Bass
Max Aguzzi – Vocals, Guitars
Giulio Cattivera – Keyboards
Andrea Gianangeli – Drums
Flavio Cicconi – Guitars

The format I reviewed is album was a 128 kbps mp3 digital download, it is an enjoyable listen, but again you need to like the genre somewhat, and stay open-minded, the only truly sinister track #6 – The Town of Evil, however if extreme metal is your preference then this will likely not interest you.

Baron’s Rating: 3/5

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