From the title one can surmise that the latest release from Primal Fear, is a compilation released by Frontiers Records on November 10, 2017, featuring 27-songs, with 4 new tracks starting it off, all to show-off their work of the past 10-years in a double album. Compilation albums hold an interesting place with both fans and listeners in general, a great way to be introduced to a band, with a value product and for the average perhaps not as much. The reason, many fans who own their catalog of work made their own CD/Drive of how they wanted the tracks to appear therefore it becomes more of item for a completist or those seeking to obtain those new tracks. If unaware of the band then simply understand they are German heavy metal with some allegiance to the power metal scene. One of the new tracks is actually a cover of the band Heart’s song ‘If Looks Could Kill’ otherwise the rest are all classic style of theirs.

The band delivers a good product for the longtime fan, still unsure? Think of the Judas Priest meets Iron Maiden for a fair comparison, and one can tell from listening to their musical journey definitely becomes more refined but never loses the baseline of their inception. A comprehensive overview of Primal Fear’s body of work over the past ten years is aptly split into two records which showcases the magnificence (and constantly maturing) songwriting abilities. A few ballads dot the two discs, yet the inclusion of ‘Predator’ and ‘Thrill of Speed’ shows their metal prowess. In addition, Simone Simons guest appearance on ‘Everytime It Rains’ (track #1, Disc #2) and Liv Kristine featured on ‘Born with a Broken Heart’ (track #9, Disc #2).

Track List:
CD 1
• Area 16 (New Song)
• Predator (New Song)
• If Looks Could Kill (Heart cover) (New Song)
• Thrill Of Speed (New Song)
• The End Is Near
• Strike
• Sign Of Fear
• In Metal We Trust
• When Death Comes Knocking
• Six Times Dead
• Angels Of Mercy
• Unbreakable
• Riding The Eagle
• Rulebreaker
• King For A Day
• Bad Guys Wear Black
CD 2
• Everytime It Rains
• We Walk Without Fear
• Fighting The Darkness (Long Version)
• Hands Of Time
• One Night In December
• The Sky Is Burning
• Where Angels Die
• Black Rain
• Born With A Broken Heart
• Born Again
• The Man (That I Don’t Know)

Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Tom Naumann – Guitars
Magnus Karlsson – Guitars & keyboards
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Mat Sinner – Bass & vocals
Francesco Jovino – Drums

Though the fans are likely getting a new album from the band later in 2018, for now these new tracks and this double CD will satisfy their hunger for more Primal Fear, however for the extreme fans of their music a 3LP Ltd. Gatefold Black Vinyl 180 Gram became available for them to enjoy.

Baron’s Rating: 4/5

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