Once more, horror fans will witness the splendor of the convention season arriving and this time I will venture to the 3-day event in Iselin, New Jersey on March 2 – 4, at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel for another great time, by the creative minds of Ryan Scott Weber, Robert Bruce and his fantastic dedicated team, rounded out by volunteers. One might think why attend? First, horror cons are truly unique venues, fans of every subgenre welcomed, an opportunity to meet other aspiring filmmakers and storytellers, and then a shopping spree of maddening portions, after all contributing in all manners supports the genre and shows it more as a lifestyle and not just a movie.

Another reason, more focuses on the collecting, now a lot of people collect in different ways, some isolated to character, franchise or subgenre, others like myself their entire genre explore, examine and achieving the unique items. A significant aspect for many the signing of items, for me again is the autograph on original posters or lobby cards, but others the moment of meeting their heroes. The NJ Horror Con heard their base of visitors and watch how other events now bring a theme to their shows, a reunion, and the last time it was Night of the Demons (1988), this time, a worthy Texas Chain Saw Massacre that is, with actors from both part one and three descending on the event.

As well as representation for Fright Night, Carrie, and Adam Green creator of Frozen and Victor Crowley all there for the fans and making dreams come true for so many. The Leatherface 3 reunion includes Four actors and this works very well with the recent release of the Blu-ray, and special for me, as I recalled being the only one in an AMC theater in 1990 seeing it.

In addition, a film festival includes itself in the purchase of a day or weekend pass, an opportunity to watch film shorts and features, meeting filmmakers, and having a LIVE awards show and an after-party event. Just think of films included from Ed McKeever and Jason L. Koerner, comes their flick 100 Acres of Hell (a midnight showing on the premier night, featuring Catherine Corcoran, Elieen Dietz, Genoveva Rossi, and Gene Snisky. The special screenings of HI-Death, and 10/31, and The Violence Movie 1 & 2 all on Saturday and not to be out-done the flick called My Uncle John is a Zombie with a Q & A from John Russo! But wait, 26 short films included, really giving you a wonderful chance to so much at the event, seeing new horror to marvel about perhaps sparking your creative side or the ability to discuss your passion of the genre with the stars and fans.Sheer delight to visit so many great vendors, expand your collection and love for the horror genre.




*Note #1: All photos belong to New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival and used with their permission

**Note #2: The availability of the guests may change unexpectedly.