A dark and gothic themed band from Italy, called Animae Silentes (translates roughly to Silent Souls) released their latest creation called Suffocated on , clearly a very different musical trip for the average listener.

The songs vary greatly heavy powerful trips with most eventful lyrics and the accompanied emotional vocals, balance against long sweeping instrumental portions. All of it pulling the listener deep into the illusion created by the sounds and yet intense battle of melodic moments, such that is found on the track Nothing Else to Remind, forewarn that gothic sounds found on other tracks, appear to become less apparent on this song.

1. Intro
2. Burning In Silence
3. Purgatorium
4. Eville
5. Nothing Else To Remind
6. Illusion
7. Save Me
8. Desperation Road
9. Madman Town
10. Lost In My Soul
11. Suffocated

Rock Ramon – voice
Tomas Valentini – Bass guitar
Riccardo Menini – Guitar
Giovanni Scardoni – Guitar
Cristian Bonamini – Drum

This honestly, might not appeal to many metal fans, especially if they aren’t open to experimenting on their musical tastes, for example if one prefers speed/ thrash they often don’t drift towards to nu-metal or even power metal.

Baron’s Rating: 2.5/5

Band’s Link:


Label: https://sliptrickrecords.com