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Circus Kane (2017) – By Baron Craze

In the genre of horror, it often follows trends, slashers to zombies to paranormal, but now it’s clowns, face it, thanks to It and the success of it the movie, it generated a lot of interest, for example Arrow Video is finally releasing a much talked about special edition of Killer Klowns from Outer Space…

Collector’s Attic: Horror Treasures of 2017 – By Baron Craze

As many know Horror Fans tend to be a feverish bunch of collectors always striving for the unique pieces whether they purchase them or design them on their own, and within this group, some focus on the mainstay heroes of the industry, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Leatherface, among others, or just the subgenre i.e….

Arcana 13: Danza Macabra (2016) Music Review – By Baron Craze

A little over a year ago the doom and heavy metal band Arcana 13 released their first album Danza Macabra, (on March 11, 2016) a thick occultism mixed lyrical theme along with gothic, cryptic, and marrying that to horror movies, as the two go hand in hand. However, they also incorporate the great instrumentals of…