A little over a year ago the doom and heavy metal band Arcana 13 released their first album Danza Macabra, (on March 11, 2016) a thick occultism mixed lyrical theme along with gothic, cryptic, and marrying that to horror movies, as the two go hand in hand. However, they also incorporate the great instrumentals of both Black Sabbath and Goblin, to Pentagram, yet maintain their own uniqueness, especially with varied vocals providing the proper doom experience. In addition, notice the tarot card connection with regard to their name ‘13’ represents as Death, the band uses all the possible elements to influence the perspective listener and fan.

Their lineup contains dual vocals, with Andrea Burdisso as the primary vocal force and Simone Bertozzi assists on the vocals as well, sometimes in Latin and both easily handling guitars, as Filippo Petrini plays bass and drummer Luigi Taroni. Their debut album contains only 8-tracks, the shortest at 5:01 and the longest topping over eight minutes, with the song “Oblivion Mushroom” filled with psychedelic influence from the name alone, and deep vocals accustom to the genre of doom.

One thing truly about their music, it never feels rushed, it attacks the listener slowly, stealthily, with atmospheric lyrics and clear horror film inspirations, as if the musicians have been playing for decades. This especially becomes apparent when both viewing the playlist and noting the inclusion of the track entitled “Suspiria” from the film of the same name, director by Dario Argento and from the progressive metal band Goblin, well-known for their horror themed tracks and soundtracks. In fact, most the tracks have a reference to horror films, for example, the opening song “Dread Ritual” connects to Mario Bava’s Black Sunday (1960). The influences of, the Godfather of Gore, Lucio Fulci’s films greatly represented on their album, namely “Blackmaster” and “The Holy Cult of Suicide” for The Beyond (1981) and City of the Living Dead (1980) respectfully. However, it is the “Suspiria” which truly captures the Goblin’s sound, with their pure singular tones and riffs, each echoing across an empty musical hall, coming together for mysterious performance never quite overpowering each other, understanding simplicity works the best.

One other important aspect to ‘Danza Macabra’ must reference the wonderful artwork, from Enzo Sciotti, a name well known with horror collectors of the Italian horror movie posters especially, though its stated his visions graced over 3,000. Among his lasting works Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery, and his skillful hand, associated with comic books and some VHS covers. Herein, the cover on the CD, shows much atmospheric imagery and showing two worlds, life screaming to end with death agony of acceptance, along with a dancer in the a ballet position, complete with a blood splatter in elegance manner.

Track Listing:
1 – Dread Ritual – 7:08
2 – Arcane XIII – 5:57
3 – Land of Revenge – 5:01
4 – Oblivion Mushroom – 8:02
5 – Suspiria (Goblin cover) – 6:41
6 – Blackmaster – 6:52
7 – The Holy Cult of Suicide – 6:06
8 – Hell Behind You – 7:08
Note: Intermezzo (Bonus track for limited vinyl is track 8)

Therefore, this debut from Arcana 13 captures horror flicks references making itself its own horror movie, complete with lyrics and musical influencing doom filled images in the mind of the listeners echoing the 70s and transcending time to feel relevant today. This review comes from the digital version, and thanks to their label Aural Music.

Baron’s Rating: 8/10

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