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Ghoulies 2 Want to Come to Your Home in October 2021

From Trick or Treat Studios GHOULES 2 – CAT GHOULIE PUPPET PROP $199 Sculpted by Mark Villalobos They’ll get you in the end… Again! Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the official Ghoulies II – Cat Ghoulie Puppet Prop. This amazing puppet prop is the perfect addition to your Ghoulies II collection! Puppeteering is done from a…

Trick or Treat Studios Teams up with Universal Monsters and More! – By Baron Craze

First many by now know of their new advance product lines coming them that consist of: The first 1/6 scale figures from Trick or Treat include Terrifier‘s slasher Art the Clown, as well as several different figures of Michael Myers from the various Halloween movies.   They also look to be releasing busts of various horror icons, including…

Collector’s Attic: Horror Treasures of 2017 – By Baron Craze

As many know Horror Fans tend to be a feverish bunch of collectors always striving for the unique pieces whether they purchase them or design them on their own, and within this group, some focus on the mainstay heroes of the industry, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Leatherface, among others, or just the subgenre i.e….