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Upcoming Heavy Metal Releases for September 2019

September 6, 2019 5Rand – Dark Mother (Time To Kill) Aittala – False Pretenses (Self) Alcoholocaust – Necro Apocalipse Bestial (Helldprod) Alex Carole – Carole Cinema (Self) Alluvion – The Secret’s Out (Self) Anamorph – Lucid (Self) Black Cilice – Transfixion Of Spirits (Iron Bonehead) Black Star Riders – Another State Of Grace (Nuclear Blast) Casket Robbery – The Ascension Re-Release (Self) Cropsy Maniac – Carnage EP (HPGD) Dead Head – Dream Deceiver Re-Release (Hammerheart) Die A…

Interview with Psychostick’s Rawrb – By Baron Craze

Thanks to Asher Media for arranging an interview with the insane metal act Psychostick and namely Rawrb (vocalist) of the band, and check out the videos the band supplied. Baron Craze: Many local bands always talk and dream about national tours, what is the feeling about touring? Best story and the worst thing that happen…

Psychostick: IV: Revenge of the Vengeance (2014) Music Review – By Baron Craze

Time to locate your sense of humor, as all music doesn’t need to always be silly, this time a band brings comedy into their music, and never once does it cover for a of lacking skills, their skills ranges through many genres thrash to death to power and rest on the baseline of heavy metal….