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Thanks to Asher Media for arranging an interview with the insane metal act Psychostick and namely Rawrb (vocalist) of the band, and check out the videos the band supplied.

Baron Craze: Many local bands always talk and dream about national tours, what is the feeling about touring? Best story and the worst thing that happen on tour?

Rawrb: Touring is an emotional roller-coaster for me (Rawrb). It has its ups and downs. The upside of things tend to be the actual playing of the shows, especially the crazy ones, and helping people cope with their life problems by adding some laughter into their worlds. The downs tend to be when things break, like the trailer blowing out a bearing, or the extremely scary life-threatening stuff. We’ve slid off the road twice and, just recently, a construction worker accidentally dropped a hammer off of an overpass and it hit the roof of our van. Any sooner and it would’ve crashed through the front window, which would’ve been a trip to the emergency room. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and all is well.


BC: What would you say influences your stage shows? How do you stay positive mentally on a long tour?

R: Our stage shows are mostly just us trying out new ideas and playing with concepts. The general idea is, “Don’t just stand there, make eye contact, and have fun!” Staying positive is knowing that no matter what, we’re in a great position as a band and have limitless potential with our music, our videos, and our live show.


BC: If one has never been to a show of yours why should they go and what could they expect?

R: As cliche as this sounds, expect the unexpected. Our goal is to have you laughin’ and pittin’ at the same time.


BC: How long have you been playing together as a band?

R: Since THE YEAR 2000!


BC: All bands have arguments within them from time to time – how do you as a band handle those issues?
R: Most of our arguments are constructive debates. It’s important to realize that all of our intentions are good AND we all want the same thing, even if we clash at times.


BC: What were your influences for IV: Revenge of the Vengeance?

R: Real life experiences and over hyped movie trailers.


BC: As a comedy-metal band, do you feel that you aren’t taken seriously by the core of metal fans?

R: Sometimes. For example, if we play a venue that we’ve never played before, the staff sometimes treat us like “some stupid band or whatever,” but afterwards their tune changes. That’s always a great feeling.

Honestly we’ve adopted the attitude that says, “This is what we do. Don’t like it? That’s fine. We’re doing it because we like it.”

BC: I like many of your tracks but NSFW ranks near the top, why and how did you come up with this insane track? The inclusion of the William Tell overture (very fun) why did you that theme? Lastly, why did you end the song with ‘shit’?

R: I don’t recall exactly how we came up with it, but the concept made us laugh. Playing a classical theme with an overabundance of “fucks” also made us laugh, and the “shit” stinger at the end really made us laugh.

To summarize: We “wrote” that song because it made us laugh, as is the case with all of our songs.


BC: You’ve made a few videos. What is favorite? Do you enjoy making them?

R: My favorite to this day is Obey the Beard. We absolutely do enjoy making them, yes!


BC: Have you guys been working on a new album? If so, any time frames for it coming out?
R: We’re wrapping up a new album when we get home from tour. We’re aiming to have it out Spring 2018.

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