Time to locate your sense of humor, as all music doesn’t need to always be silly, this time a band brings comedy into their music, and never once does it cover for a of lacking skills, their skills ranges through many genres thrash to death to power and rest on the baseline of heavy metal. This album filled with comedy metal from Psychostick entitled “IV: Revenge of the Vengeance” released by the label Rock Ridge nails great riffs and yet test the listeners’ ear for renditions of other artists and composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky. Likely the most comedy metal ever, passing the tongue-on-cheek music from Puttin on the Foil.

The jokes pour in from everywhere, and yet honoring the metal genre, repeatedly, for example the track ‘So. Heavy’ contains some death core vocals, and continues with the examining the track giving incredible comparison of the sound to everyday items. Then at 3:35 on this track in breaks into a rendition of The Isley Brothers’ track ‘Shout’ where their song mirrors at 2:55. Then likely my favorite track, the amazing and highly offensive track ‘NSFW’, its primary one word used repeatedly, but done with an incredible panache as the music transitions from Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik and a finale just like Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Then deliver a crushing new version of Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone.

Track Listing:
1 – Revenge of The Vengeance – 0:42
2 – Obey the Beard – 3:53
3 – President Rhino – 2:12
4 – H-Fla – 0:20
5 – So. Heavy. – 4:48
6 – Dogs Like Socks – 1:09
7 – Super Legit OFFICIAL Teaser #2 Explode – 0:31
8 – Quack Kills – 3:29
9 – Blue Screen – 4:37
10 – NSFW – 3:13
11 – Danger Zone – 3:50
12 – New To The Neighborhood – 0:53
13 – Loathe Thy Neighbor – 4:57
14 – AWESOME! – 3:32
15 – Choking Hazard – 3:14
16 – Fight to the Death – 3:18
17 – Bruce Campbell – 2:40
18 – Trick or Treat – 0:40
19 – Dimensional Time Portal – 3:21
20 – The Power of Metal Compels You – 2:04
21 – Outtakes IV: The Outtakening – 3:47

Band Line-Up:
Alex “Shmalex” Dontre – drums
Robert “Rawrb” Kersey – lead vocals, Acoustic Guitar (Track 18)
Joshua “The J” Key – guitars, vocals
Matty J “Poolmoose” Rzemyk – bass, vocals

As with many comedy themed albums there’s always a track or two that might not work correctly and is purely subjected to the reviewer or listeners taste. For this reviewer the skit tracks ‘New to the Neighborhood’ and ‘Trick or Treat’ these fell flat. Although the rest worked very well especially the track ‘Bruce Campbell’ about the actor himself, hilariously funny.

This album from Psychostick makes me want to hear more from the band, and had the opportunity to interview to band, which can be found here (insert link). Overall, a great and funny album, and face sometimes everyone just needs to either fun or needs that special chuckle to get through life. Thanks to Asher Media Relations for introducing me to this band’s great music!

Baron’s Rating: 4.8/5


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