Sinister Death episode 172 – the infamous Mother’s Day show, not for the sensitive – this is an Abomination of Decency–extreme-metal-172nd-mothers-day-show




Whoretopsy – High School Sweetheart

Cemetery Lust – Resurrected Whore

Abysmal Lord – Tormenting the Virgin

Demon Vomit – Mother of God Broken by Dick

Virgin’s Rape – She is a Slut

Kuld – Womb Cunt

Masturbation with the Bible – Pray for a Cumshot

Whipstriker – Burn the Virgin’s Hole

Goatblood (Germany) – Sexcraving Witchcunt

Necrodeath – The Whore of Salem

Profanatica – Altar of the Virgin Whore

Tulsadoom – Virgin Penetrator

Flammenkrieg – German Pussy Slut [Split-Up]

Rottencrotch – You’re A Taker of the Cock

Cuntsuc – Woman of Dark Desires (Bathory COVER)

Impaled Martyr – Christian Slut

Stoma – The Glorification of Sexual Depravation

Procreation – Rebirth into Evil [Split-Up]

Witch Vomit – Witch Cunt

Enjoy My Bitch – Cum Ass

Anal Blasphemy – Masturbation for the Virgin Whore

Goat Worship – Goddess of Lust

Evokador – Acts of Lust and Blasphemy (translated)

Typhus – Satanic Goat Fuck Lust

Jig-Ai – We Are Going For Your Cunt, Bitch

Pig Destroyer – Trojan Whore

Devoured Fate – Purely Fuckin Demented

Sacrofago – God Bless the Whores

Cemetery Lust – Sexual Maniac

Womit Angel – Slut

Piss On Christ – The Forbidden Fruit of Christianity

Rottencrotch – So Many Names for Slut [NO INFO ON BAND]

Kosmokrator – Mother Whore

Samael – Flagellation

Demon Vomit – Anal Nun

Midnight – Sadist Sodomystic Seducer

Rottencrotch – Fuck you Like An Animal

Limbsplitter – Caustic Cumshower

Vehement Thrower – Mother [split-up]

Stoma – Tag Team GangBang

Vatican In Flames – Virgin Sacrifice

Goatblood (Germany) – Necroromantic Lovers

Nunslaughter – To A Whore

Exhumed – Sex, Drinks, and Metal (Sarcófago cover)

Tulsadoom – Barbarian Bitchfuck

Archgoat – Phallic Desecrator of Sacred Gates

Witch Vomit – Twisted Altar of Sin

Sarcofago – Desecration of Virgin

Ritual Mass – Grievous Sin [NO INFO ON BAND]

Typhus – We Rape the Cunt of The Virgin Mary

Samael – Baphomet’s Throne



Debauchery – Animal (W.A.S.P. Cover)