***The Extreme in Any Manner Leaves a Lasting Impression! *** – Baron Craze

Welcome to May 2022, why start off like this? Well, it does contain my birthday of the 23rd, and with that I have been asked to review the film Craze [1974] and with the New Comics Release a huge hit with our readers, so much so that comic book artists send their issues in for review, which will be happening with this month’s issue. Then some directors reaching out to us again, as we are writing more articles and reviews again. That’s a great inspiration, as I am battling through some medical tests and exams, not fun, where’s Dr. Frankenstein when you need him? This is restricting me from a pastime hobby of visiting cemeteries, which strangely some of you would like reports on them – maybe I’ll get back to that. The Testament of Horror our Horror History is still going strong working on increasing the names of those contributing to the genre of those bygone, if not mistaken we’re the only site doing this – thanks for the support.

Last month and carrying over to this month is a book review entitled Ghost Ships, the reason for this is twofold, first I enjoy some interesting aspects of history, namely it was the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and with that I figured let me review that book. In addition, I wanted to attempt to review more material in different categories; a note to authors if you seek for me to review your book, I truly prefer the actual book, than PDF or Kindle, I like to feel a book in my hands. Oh, another aspect I did watch semi-entertaining though slightly underperforming Titanic 666 [2022] on April 15, yes Tax Day in the United States but also the day that legendary ship sunk, so expect a review on it.

As for my teaching of Alfred Hitchcock class, it is going very well, my class in highly engaging, it is a challenge to take on several questions at once, but I have amusing time with it all, and the students all give excellent banter before and after each film airs. I will be creating a Vertigo [1958] podcast show this month as well as a Psycho [1960] both 3-hours, will a very interactive script, this is primarily for students who seek more information, as the class is limited 3-hours, though we do tend run over that frequently.

Lastly, some of you that follow my Facebook account – Baron craze, might of notice a popular post, I did of a strange occurrence on April 22nd, in which I went to bed early one night with a severe headache, and at 3am I heard someone say ‘Watch’ and it was horror film on, Malignant [2021] okay that was odd no one was in the room; at least it was a decent flick. However, wait I can top it, it was again 3am, and a wind-up mantle clock chimed once and it this hasn’t be wound for nearly a year, it was my father’s, but at the same time I felt icy cold fingertips on my leg while asleep in bed, spooky yeah but finally the ghosts in my house are engaging with me.

Until next month – stay safe and enjoy all the horror you can including this site!



Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor-in-Chief