As many who have listened to my Baron’s Crypt podcast in the past know how many times, I have spoken about watching films on their initial release date, which I still do and note here, secondly the other folks that choose the list are starting it seems to pick movies slated for those special days. This just goes to show that both my pattern was copied (no big deal) but that it makes for more difficult decisions of the movies getting the anniversary articles. Well, it remains to be seemed what they will be, however, it’s a great adventure as there were 13-movies falling into that category of which one was a Alfred Hitchcock film, hence my favorite director and it will be definitely noteworthy article; and it also includes likely first Nightmare on Elm Street franchise article; as well as a 1957 classic reviewed a while back but included since I watch the flick. A note about this movie which is 20 Million Miles to Earth the film hit the market in 1957 in the UK, with no exact release date noted, therefore I took the liberty of choosing a day for it’s a review and watching it. The list was created by friends and fiends, of mine were given my passcodes to various VOD sites including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Plex, Tubi and few others, and then others incorporate a series of DVDs from dollar bins or sent to me by readers for fun. However, trying to review all the movies is very difficult, if not nearly impossible therefore, to help informing the growing audience a new podcast has been in development which goal is to air weekly and discuss most of the films watch the movies of that week, which has the simple name of “Visions of Horror”; we had one show this past month, heard feedback change the format accordingly and relaunching in March.

2/1/2022 The Skull [1965] 1
2/1/2022 20 Million Miles to Earth [1957] 1
2/2/2022 The Brides of Dracula [1960] 1
2/3/2022 Would You Rather [2012] 1
2/4/2022 House on Haunted Hill [1999] 1
2/5/2022 Dead Snow [2009] 1
2/6/2022 The Long Night [2022] 1
2/7/2022 The Jonestown Haunting [2020] 1
2/8/2022 Why? [2021] 1
2/9/2022 Shrooms [2007] 1
2/10/2022 Downrange [2017] 1
2/11/2022 Boar [2017] 1
2/12/2022 The Hound of the Baskervilles [1972] TV Movie 1
2/13/2022 The Beast Within [1982] 1
2/14/2022 My Bloody Valentine [1981] 1
2/15/2022 The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog [1927] 1
2/16/2022 The Last Rite [2021] 1
2/16/2022 Scream [2022] 1
2/17/2022 The Ranger [2018] 1
2/18/2022 Swamp Thing [1982] 1
2/19/2022 The Legacy [1978] 1
2/20/2022 Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror [2019] 1
2/20/2022 The Spell [1977] TV Movie 1
2/21/2022 Return to Horror High [1987] 1
2/21/2022 The Cursed [2021] 1
2/22/2022 Blood Quantum [2019] 1
2/22/2022 The Incredible Shrinking Man [1957] 1
2/23/2022 The Number 23 [2007] 1
2/24/2022 Hide And Go Shriek [1988] 1
2/25/2022 Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies [2016] 1
2/26/2022 Evils of the Night [1985] 1
2/27/2022 Seed [2006] 1
2/28/2022 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream

Warriors [1987]