Often filmmakers will pay homage to the films that inspirated them to venture into filmmaking, or to give a nod to another artist, but it’s truly a fine and delicate line between the realms between this and blatantly ripping films in general, and sadly this falls flatly into the latter grouping. Director Lance Parkin who also wrote the script with actor and screenwriter Matt Schultz, have a history of working together on short film projects, and clearly shows with the movie, as it lacks suspense, tension and often fills the screen with quick scenes, In addition, it’s obvious the influence and noting some classics that have grabbed their viewing attention, namely The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974], Wrong Turn [2003] and a smattering of The Hills Have Eyes [1977], yet achieve a wider release with distributor Indican Pictures. While the found footage subgenre is often used in houses or abandoned locations for the films to keep the expenses to the bare minimum, the slasher genre often uses a warehouse or in this case the wilderness, hence no studio costs and save a few more dollars by having primarily unknown actors in the production.

The storyline is very simple, a group of friends venture deep into the woods, for some partying, celebration of a pending wedding, the couple is here to spend quality time doing what they like, a perfect place for a bachelor and bachelorette party, think Cherokee Creek [2018] though not of that high quality. However, as common trio stops by a local eatery and cause a raucous with the locals and it sets things into motion, whatever happen to politeness, that refreshing angle, alas that isn’t on the menu. Soon enough they all meet-up in the woods, clearly presenting a large cast, i.e., big body count. It doesn’t take long for the killing to start, they quickly reckoned with that mad inbreed family clan who enjoys munching on outsiders and city twentysomethings. Amazing they seem to have the Seal Team Six qualities to approach their targets without making a sound and surprise their meals quite easily, however, to watch the attack scenes from time to time, one might think they’re losing their eyesight, distance shots very unnecessary unless heavy on budget constraints; which is more likely because of the limited gore that one expects from flicks such as these. The standouts for the friends’ group are Jess Uhler in her first feature film role doesn’t falter too much rather maintaining strength to convey her character Hailey integrity, while co-writer Schultz as Aaron shows a bit of weakness perhaps a shock of the situation but delivers some resolve by the end of the film. The set design for the home for the family clan is at times creative, and two primary villains Cloyd (Ben Dietels (Slaughter Drive [2017])) and Mama (Christine Mancini) provide excessive obscene qualities definitely made to offend the thin-skinned individuals, then again those folks wouldn’t make to the third where much of this behavior occurs to the victims. Before it all finishes there’s a very strange storyline to play-out that involves one of mama’s son attempting to extend the family extension and circle by mating with another (wait for it) man. Yeah I don’t understand either.

One big issue is the sound quality the audio switches in sound too much, making it frustrating to watch/listen to especially when needed to control the volume constantly, adding to the nothing spectacular in terms of cinematography. A general rule in most of cinema, namely horror films, we need characters we all care about in some manner, as to engage better with the audiences, however, that doesn’t occur herein, the cast seems either egoistical (and not just one individual, but rather collectively) and thoroughly uninteresting. This adds to the poor dialogue, which is often appears disjointed, thanks to the constant switching of camera angles, which could suggest highly limited cameras used, also one needs a reason to set-up a quirky angle with the camera not just because the opportunity allows that aspect. In addition, the clumsy dialogue doesn’t help the inexperienced actors who try to fit the intensity, emotional involvement appears to result with some disastrous over acting. Lastly, the set design works in some situations but at other moments the bounding of victims appears amateurish and lack of common sensibility of the characters creates unintentional groans from viewers.

There’re a few times that a filmmaker hits true success with a throwback for gory galore of slashers heyday, obvious Scream [1996] did and continues to pull that off, if the box office proves anything and even The Final Girls [2015]; however that tribute can only carry one so far one needs characters which are believable and actors to truly act in those roles, as well as some talent to set-up their scenes. Their tagline was easily confused with the film’s logline, at 25-words is far too much the rule is 3 to 5 words, think of a standard full size movie poster and then sit one liner on it to capture the potential viewers’ attention. Sadly, there no true recommendation for The Boonies, except to watch to avoid making these mistakes.

TAGLINE: A group of friends who go camping on a bachelor party weekend fight for their lives when a family of cannibals begins to hunt them.


IMDb Rating: 2.8/10

Baron’s Rating: 2.5/10