***The Extreme in Any Manner Leaves a Lasting Impression! *** – Baron Craze

Well, it’s our official month into the new format and it’s been slightly bumpy but it’s been very interesting, the new column of Horror Comics is proving to capture a lot of views – Thanks. Meanwhile the horror fans are rejoicing with the box office, from Scream the fifth installment and the highly limited release of The Cursed, so things are starting reset themselves in popular manner. I have been tasked, happily but thoroughly time-consuming of preparing for lectures, took all of February to lay them out and for approval, namely at least seven Alfred Hitchcock films those are Rear Window [1954], Strangers on a Train [1951], Vertigo [1958], Psycho [1960], The Birds [1963], Family Plot [1976], and Frenzy [1972] from March 1st to end of May, it’s amazing to get the request to handle these movies. As one can expect I cover them in detail with the areas of cinema, psychological, religion (if applicable) and sociology, therefore I’ve got a workload.

While the reviews were quite limited in February, nevertheless there’s a trend already appearing on the Visions of Horror column, with the films chosen a new avenue for the selection, plenty of films celebrating anniversaries; noticing that there’s commonality with the years ending in ‘2’ or ‘7’ the well-known ones and then some truly obscure, which is very cool. It’s always interesting of how they chose the order, still no one else does it. As for the podcasts, the new formats it’s a work in progress, on both Baron’s Crypt and Visions of Horror; I want to mention in March our Sinister Death show, which is a true Abomination to Decency is going to play at least two shows dedicated to both labels and bands from Ukraine and we’re trying to put one together of pure metal bands for Shredding Metal Beasts. We are still unsure of some of our friends over in the area of the world, some did relocate to Poland and Romania, our best wishes for their safety.

Later this month we’ll be releasing the New Jersey Con and Film Festival Promo Article in Atlantic City occurring on April 8th to 10th and I will be handling the duties of managing the annual MS Fundraiser which has taken more time, due to the new regulations, 6 pages worth of them.

Until next month, prepare for the new adventure of The Horror Times.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor-in-Chief