SMB ep 225 AIR DATE 02 15 2022

Ground Meat – Pathological Silence

Thraxas – Seven-Sided Strike

Product of Hate – Annihilation

Thunder and Lightning – F​.​E​.​A​.​R.

Reinforcer – Allegiance and Steel

Tyron – Beast Inside

Black Soul Horde – Beneath the Mountains of Madness

Pissing Razors – In the Shadows

Crystal Throne – Foreshadowed Sands

Walrus – Unstoppable Force

Sociopath – Abandoned Live

Eruption – Seven Archons

Hazzerd – Victim of a Desperate Mind

Bangover – Crop Circle Pit

Killrazer – Salt in the Wound

Dethonator – Burial Ground

Steel Snake – As The Rage

Zombie Attack – Executioners

Jenner – Test of Time

Aggressive Perfector – Into the Nightmare

Blazon Stone – Eagle Warriors

Mortalis – Say What You Mean

Hexen – Private Hell

Toxic Ruin – Tyrannical Demise

Toxic Carnage – Violence and Beer

Fueled By Fire – Bloodshed

Wraith – Cloaked in Black

Blessed Curse – Bleeding Cross

Reabilitator – Social Programming

HMR – Be Yourself!

Amorphia – Airborne

Holycide – Eager to Take Control

Thrasher Wolf – Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence

LORDI – Skull and Bones (The Danger Zone)

Unleash the Archers – Eat What You Kill

Ground Meat – Sanity Cremator


Close Out Track:

Thangram – A day in the life of Ivan D (John Knight)

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