830p 2/14/22 FROM NJ


Lansdowne – One Shot

Psychostick – Thinkin With Yer Dick

Nanowar of Steel – Norwegian Reggaeton

Van Arx – I Want Some Girls

Razzmattazz – Bad Girls Goods Loving

Nasty Nasty – Naughty Naughty Girl [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Ferrett – Sweet Action

Burn Halo – Dirty Little Girl

Heavy Star – Love Gun (Kiss Cover)

HELIX – S-E-X-Rated

Leathurbitch – Sleaze City

Sleazy Way Out – Take It Off

Black Mountain Thunder – C’mon And Love Me

Lickity Split – Little Dirty Girl [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Black Diamonds – Love Stick Love

Wildstreet – Easy Does It

LA Guns – Sticky Fingers

Psychostick – From the Heart

Heist – Loose Lipps [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Sticky Boys – Juicy Lucy

Dan Reed Network – Give It Love

Rock Alliance – Everything She Wants [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

OUTLOUD – I’m So Excited (The Pointer Sisters cover)

Puttin On The Foil – Sweet Prairie Vixen

Down Dirty Dogs – Pelvis Pusher (Vintage Trouble cover)

Cassius King – Girls Got Rhythm

Captain Black Beard – Mouthful of Love

The Erotics – Baby Goes Bang

Hot n Nasty – Hot & Nasty

Groupie High School – Chicks With The Flips

On Top – Hot N Wet

Southern Gentlemen – Back Door Woman

Black Aces – Girl Like You

Sex Slaves – Lose That Dress

Tygers Of Pan Tang – Small Town Flirt

Mantra – Wicked Desire [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Lee Aaron – Sex With Love

Babylon AD – She Likes To Give It

A Breach of Silence – Sugar and Spice

Stripwire – Another Shot

Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders – Two In The Pink

Blood God – Blowjob Barbie

Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders – C.H.W.



sure shot worx

*****                                      *****                            *****