Synth Pathways #Episode #0005

Explore Dark Synth Inspired Music of Horror and the Macabre–ep-5-a-dark-synth-wave-journey

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Masked – A Killer In The Wood

Ray Gun Hero – Prom Night Mystery (feat. GlitterWølf) NO INFO ON BAND

TERRORTRON – Night Flight

Andrioux – The Fog: Main Theme

Lapses – Nightmare City

Intersigno – Mother

Videogram – Michael

Chris Keya – Elm Street

Single point postulate – Zombie Theme (Fabio Frizzi cover)

The Evil Dark – Dead Again (Aggro Mix)

Who Ha – That Thing

Cimitir – The Crypt-Lurker’s Curse

Occams Laser – Satanic Panic

Anima Morte – Corridor Of Blood

Jupiter-8 – Night Shift (The Thing)

Mettastation – Betrayal’s Cornerstone

Microchip Terror – Apotheosis Of The Mystery (Fabio Frizzi Cover)

Darkmood – GHOST SHIP

A New Hope – Terror & Disorder

Cristian Bergagna – John Carpenter – Halloween Theme (Cristian Bergagna Cover)

Mlada Fronta – From Hell

Spektor Baal – Seed

Vampire Step-Dad – Beneath Your Stairs

Lies in Dust – Dead Mans Party

ABOBO – Zombie Invasion Theme

Aviators – All Hallows

Sam Haynes – Season of the Witch

King Stephen – The Blood Moon Howling

Powerwalker – An Uninvited Guest

KARR – Cenobites

Neuron Spectre – Blood Moon

Positronic – Dead Mans Party NO INFO ON THE BAND

Spettro Family – The Giggler

NeverMann – Crystal Lake Rendezvous (feat. Glitbiter)

The TCR – Nightbreed NO INFO ON BAND

Wolftron – Crypt Keeper

STARwave – Michael Myers (Halloween Theme) [Synthwave Remix]

Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio – Haddonfield Horror


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