I gotta say most readers clearly by now know the differences between Baron’s musical interests and mine, and some of our similarities, while I know he’s heard this album, and likely owns a copy of it, it was one of a few that gave me insight to the heavy metal genre some of the bands wear the influences of punk of Sex Pistols and Ramones and definitely Kiss (I like lots of their music) all in Crue’s debut album. I gotta say that this album is very different from their Shout At The Devil, but that’s a different review.

I do really love this album, which was released actually twice, before it became commonplace to remaster the sh!t out of them to gouge the fans, but I suppose there’s no way to really make money in the music biz anymore. The first time was by Leathür Records, created by their original manager, Alan Coffman, to help in getting support, cause a lot of bands were battling for fame and attention, then shortly afterwards remixed by Roy Thomas Baker for Elektra who signed them and kept them till about 1997. I should note there’s some significant difference that at the time fans really didn’t know, remember no net existed. Elektra had “Stick To Your Guns” and lengthen of “Come On And Dance” and given a more style balance and aiding in Vince Neil’s young vocals. The Band already worked in the development of the insane theatrics on stage taking a page from Alice Cooper’s antics, and the legendary infamous after show parties. In addition, disagreement even today, were they one of the first ‘hair metal’ bands, which were updated version of the 70s glam rock, such as New York Dolls.

“Live Wire,” is the opener on an album, of a new band, which would storm the concert circuit and later the charts with their music, the song echoes of punk mentality fist pumping, headbanging kickass style. Pure wretched chaos, primarily from Neil’s untrained vocals, the song would change like others from this record in time, with better training. “Come On And Dance” is the shortest song the album, under 3-minutes, making a reference lyrical to Sandra Dee of Grease, the guitar work is dazzling, and a tinge of cowbell from Tommy Lee. I should note again that Neil had missed his first audition with band, and when another singer didn’t’ work out quite so well Neil got another attempt, he made sure not screw-up the opportunity and hence he read the lyrics from a sheet when recording the album. The fourth track gives the listeners a slight break with the ballad “Merry-Go-Round” Nikki wrote it about a young 20-something who lost his mind one day at the ride and was taken away in a straitjacket. But Vince really brings the moody lyrics to life, and before it’s over the band kicks bigtime, with a closeout whisper of ‘coming home;’ just think in a few years they’ll record an incredible ballad and a song for all travelers especially the bands “Home Sweet Home.” That fifth song “Take Me To the Top” has in your face attack   the pounding from Lee and Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx working together delivers the song with perfection, and Vince isn’t just signing the lyrics, the band means the message in the song. This aggressive nature continues into “Piece of Your Action,” which I think a lot of musicians and fans know remixed more than once, but thankful it never becomes lackluster. As for “Starry Eyes” is a hit and miss and song just depends on my mood, at some brief monuments it feels as if it wants to fall back into the seventies but Mars and Sixx work very hard it to generate some rhythm with frantic Lee drumming. Throughout the album Sixx gave so much to the songwriting! “Too Fast for Love” that has Vince’s vocals shining, all about living the rockstar lifestyle, too fast for romance, family anything, speeding out-of-control! Finally, “On With the Show” truly is a classic song and very emotional, about a man name Frankie birth name Sixx, still has the charm of long ago still working successfully today for all artists in very mode. That dark tunnel of life has problems but rising up to take them over, when living through death and suffering. These men talents united at the right time, and especially aided by Mars impactful riffs. Just awesome!

Track Listing:

Live Wire
Come On and Dance
Public Enemy #1
Take Me To the Top

Piece of Your Action
Starry Eyes
Too Fast for Love
On With the Show

Band Members:

Vince Neil – Lead Vocals

Mick Mars – Guitars

Nikki Sixx – Bass

Tommy Lee – Drums

When looking back at the album knowing their career, legendary status, and face it living our dreams of rockstar phenomenal life, whether real or air guitars they gave the 80s that lasting quality. One can tell, I really like the band, as they help indirectly launch careers of several other similar bands, but when they started they heard the hunger both for fame and fortune, they gave countless hours to rehearsal, getting and promoting gigs on the phone, in person none of this social stuff. The closest one can understand the trenches they went through I guess those on Indiegogo, Kickstarter, of GoFundMe. They all learned their proper range and place, Sixx worked on bass playing but it all strived from punk hard rock influences of the 70s and capture their rawness and unpolished style or attitude, they never return to this form. Some of the songs have too much of a repeated chorus with similar riffs yet it works as pure punk metal.

Remember always go on with the show, no matter what!

Vincent’s Rating: 4.5/5.0