This is our most vile, offensive show to date, Sinister Death there’s nothing anywhere like it, the bands names and songs compete with our DJ Baron to see wins the Abomination of Decency this used be part of Shredding Metal Beasts but the listeners couldn’t handle the intensity.

We only play, Black, Death, Grindcore and Doom!

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Sinister Death episode 165 – Abomination of Decency–extreme-metal-165th-show


Sodomizer – Jesus Is Not Here Today

Cultus Profano – Ceremony Of The Black Flame, Op 4

Adetar – Crucify The Priest

Vargsang – There is no Heaven

Sargeist – The Covenant Rite

Hellripper – All Hail the Goat

Medieval Demon – Mundus Est Diaboli

Under the Church – Ancient Ritual

Perverted Ceremony – Rites of the Sadistic Necromancer NO INFO FOR BAND

Terem – Curse Of Heaven [SPILT-UP] NO INFO FOR BAND

Unconsecrated – Tombs Of Fallen Angels

Blasphemer – The Sixth Hour

Blood Temptation – Open Graves

MORKESAGN – Eternal Fall

Kvlt Of Odium – Unsaved

Asmodaen Blood Coven – Fucked By Fire (Raped By Flames)

Mephisto – The Mighty Ring

Valefar – Unholy Vision

(Dash Blank) Appendix – Baphomet’s Throne NO INFO FOR BAND

Piss on Christ – Storm The Vatican

Primordial Serpent – Shrine of the Ancient Gods

Sutura – Dawn of Cursed Souls

Crucifixion Ritual – Sacrament of Defilement NO INFO FOR BAND

Baalberith – Bearer of True Light (In Satan We Trust)

Ritual Possession – Beneath the Demon Moon

Moonlight – Night Terrors Conspiracy NO INFO FOR BAND

Byyrth – Shattered Soul

Archgoat – Unholy Semen Hammer

Crimson Moon – Godspeed Angel Of Death

Dethroned Christ – Lycanthropy NO INFO FOR BAND

Necrosadistic Goat Torture – Sermon For The Weak

Profanatica – Spilling Holy Blood

Sad – Tricked By The Light NO INFO FOR BAND

Black Mass Pervertor – Chalice Of Blood

Bethlehem – The 11th Commandment

Death Beast – Stay Hungry (Twisted Sister cover)



Hass Weg Productions

Red Stream Records

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