This is our most vile, offensive show to date, Sinister Death there’s nothing anywhere like it, the bands names and songs compete with our DJ Baron to see wins the Abomination of Decency this used be part of Shredding Metal Beasts but the listeners couldn’t handle the intensity. New shows coming soon…

Airing soon on August 13th, and 20th – showtimes and band lists to follow.

We only play, Black, Death, Grindcore and Doom!

******                                 *****                        *****

August 13th airing from NJ at 11p a show that thanks Grand Sounds Promotion for their support!–extreme-metal-153rd-show


Cancer (Aus) – The Depths IV: Summit’s Delusion

Symbiotic Growth – Dissented

Vokodlok – Alive

Unsilent – Black Spells of Death

Existential Emptiness – Underneath Tomb

Undertaker of the Damned – Blackness

Dies Irae – El dia de la ira (The Day of Anger)

Theosophy – Even the Dead Cast Shadows

Ater – Valkennacht

Tenebree – Ensombrecer (Overshadow)

Mazikeen – Fractricide

Sorgelig – Devoted to Nothingness

Xenoblight – Shapeshifter

Lapsus Dei – Faithless

From the Vastland – Khan e Aval

Depraved – Asylum

Enshadowed – Blackend Mouth of Despair