This show features Hard Rock, Southern, Bluesy songs, some punk and just a mixture of music to get you through the crap of your day, without going postal. Links and Playlists coming soon…

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Airing on August 10th and 16th – showtimes and links coming soon.

August 10th, Monday at 9p Eastern Standard Time–43rd-rockin-show


Moonlight Desires – Don’t You Forget About Me

Downhill Dead – Dead Drunk Me

Jefferson Starship – It’s About Time

Hillbilly Herald – Born to Be Wild

The Vendettas – Face to Face

Sandness – Get It On

Jimmy Martin – Born to Run

Bruder4Brothers – Burn Fire Burn for Me

Bone Acre – Hands to the Sky

Shotgun Mistress – Glorious Machine

Phil X & The Drills – Right on the Money

The Beautiful Losers – Rickenbaker Man

Razzmattazz – Backdoor Man

Cormac Neeson – Do Something Today (Radio Mix)

308 Ghost Train – Worn

The Owen Guns – It’s Too Late

Gilby Clarke – The Gospel Truth

NoN – Until We Say Goodbye

Zenith Moon – Gypsy

Doggerland – Out of Here

Dangerous Times for the Dead – Fairytale

Hookers & Blow – Ziggy Stardust

MarysCreek – Forever Lost

Speed Stroke – Who Fkd Who

Gob Patrol – Anarchy

Dreamwalkers Inc – Happy Day

PSSR – Last Time

Viking Guitar – If You Don’t Wear a Mask