Well, another month has passed, the next issue rolls slowly out, its actually incredible that as I look at the date of December 19, how quickly the end of the year comes, and the next decade, but alas this issue comes first, while not as filled as before it still it contains a lot, for example three foreign horror films. Yes I know it’s a lot and then the inclusion of my adventure to Cape May to see a special engagement of The Prowler (1981).

Now, onto to other news, we are hoping to have everything on a better schedule in 2020, and thanks again for the encouragement and support for my dealings and caring of my 92-year father, funny enough we actually watched The Fly (1958) together though he and I seems to be on separate pages, arguing that Vincent Price is still alive and that he created The Fly to get his brother’s wife, wow an interesting concept for the movie, but still fun to enjoy the fleeting moment. I suppose one needs to enjoy the little thing in life, and that’s something the older films allow, the humor was mild, yet enjoyable for all, the horrors not too over-the-top, some scares to enjoy with the young ones, such as another special engagement of Gremlins (1984) the audience had a mix of parents and children. It was similar those of both Jaws (1975) and Ghostbusters (1984) it just allowed for the cross-generational mix to freely happen, no one squirming or sighing for a comfortable scene.

As some also noticed our podcast section has yet to return, fret not in 2020 it shall be back in full action, the month of December as it slow lurches forward on the proper path again thanks to the bands, labels, fans and PR Firms. Lastly let me close with this, in December issue there is a pleasant treat awaiting for you all to enjoy, you’ll just have to wait to unwrap that jolly present.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief