As many this is anther one of our long lasting show, that started in October 2015 on BlogTalkRadio, well 5-years later and we’re switching to Spreaker this is restarting soon.It was hatched out of Shredding Metal Beasts, and while it is true we have had problems with BlogTalkRadio (BTR), we gave Spreaker a chance, but their site not truly made for LIVE broadcast, and while BTR may not always work correct it does allow for advsance URL to be created, advance promotion, therefore we decided to stay put. I always believe in being up front and direct with the audience, and fans.

This show is the most offensive broadcast we have, an Abomination to Decency, it is NOT a racist show.

Sinister Death Episode 132 June 20, at 11p Eastern Standard Time–132nd-extreme-show-1


Lyfordeath – Mortal

Necrogosto – Paths of Abomination

Ambrotos – Oracle Veracities

Mortician – Martin the Vampire

Casket Robbery – Curse of the Night Stalker

Death Worship – Desolation Summoning

Revel in Flesh – Nightrealm Ghouls: The Dead Will Walk the Earth

Abyssus – Reprisal

Warpvomit – Void Before the Altar [split-up]

Nekrofilth – Horror of the Crypt

Devourer – Beast of Famine

Wombbath – Fall of the Weak

Cryptik Howling – Absorbing Light

Oculum Dei – Kingdom of Hell

Bykürius – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [Metallica]

Goatblood (Germany) – Mary’s Happy Enema

Deus Mortem – The Destroyer

Tryglav – Werewolf

Hex – Where Gods Shall Not Reign

Plague Throat – The Human Paradox

Death – Scream Bloody Gore