As many know this is one of our long lasting shows, that started in August 2014 on BlogTalkRadio, well 5-years later and we’re switching to Spreaker this is restarting soon. First, after careful consideration and testing, we have determined at this time Spreaker is more for pre-recorded shows, as one can’t promote a LIVE show, hence, we are staying put, and just deal with the situation for now.

Shredding Metal Beasts Episode 188 June 18 at 11p Eastern Standard Time–189th-show-1


ShreddeR – Fields of Insanity

Indian Nightmare – Land of The Damned

Leathurbitch – Sleaze City

Frankie C – Fall of The Hammer

Attalla – Lust

Mystik – Hellish Force

Phrenetix – Unconscious Game

The Flaying – Angry, Undead

Black Thunder – Stop the Abuse

Infrared – They Kill for Gods

Dreams in Peril – Mephobia

Calamity – Overuled

Haunt (US) – Run and Hide

Thrash La Reine – Thrash La Reine

Ashen – Cold Will

Panikk – Reconstruction

Pandemic Outbreak – Fuck off and Die

Stagewar – Trapped in Life

Terravore – Of A Dying World

Eruption – Sanity Ascend

Warforger – Beyond the Threshold

Tumourboy – Chernobyl Devastation

Maniac Abductor – Thrash Assault

Demonik – Chaos