This is a new show that features Synthwave, Horror-synth, Dark-synth premieres on May 29 at 10p from NJ

Synth Pathways episode: 0001 MAY 29TH

Explore Dark Synth Inspired Music of Horror and the Macabre–dark-journey-with-1st-show


Goremall – Red Stained Lips

ABOBO – Zombie Invasion Theme

Madelyn Darling – Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell Cover)

Android Automatic – The Class of 1986

Chris Keya – Lost Boys

Neon Black – The Hollows

Videogram – Outpost 31 Isn’t Responding

Aviators – All Hallows

Spektor Baal – Seed

Vampire Step-Dad – Between Your Floor Boards

Mettastation – Undead’s Adventure

Ideon – The Walking Dead

TerrorTron – Ripped Apart in the Park

Cristian Bergagna – Loves Bites on Fright Night (feat. Edward Harvey)

Lapses – Nightmare City

Emmett Brown – A Dark Visage (Feat. Straplocked)

Stephanie – Find You In Hell

Masked – Escape

Intersigno – Facehugger

Anima Morte – The Dead Will Walk The Earth

Neuron Spectre – Blood Moon

Occams Laser – Death

KARR – Cenobites

Spettro Family – The Orphans