Have 2 shows broadcasting this month, May 12, Our Infamous Mother’s day show, thoroughly offensive, vile and and Abomination to Decency…

Sinister Death EP131 May 24, 11p from NJ, USA


Death – Scream Bloody Gore https://www.facebook.com/DeathOfficial

Obituary – Ten Thousand Ways to Die https://www.facebook.com/ObituaryBand

Pulvis Et Umbra – Atmosfear https://www.facebook.com/pulvisetumbraofficial

666 – The Horns of Inferno [NO INFO ON BAND]

XUL – Battlestorm https://www.facebook.com/Xulband

Satanic Warmaster – Eaten by Rats https://www.facebook.com/satanic.war.terror

A Transylvanian Funeral – Hammer of the Witch https://www.facebook.com/atransylvanianfuneral

Cryptik Howling – Eternal Moon of Disgrace https://www.facebook.com/CryptikHowling

Countess – In Hate of Christ https://www.facebook.com/CountessMetal

Impiety – Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell https://www.facebook.com/impietyofficial

Denial of God – Black Horror Metal https://www.facebook.com/denialofgod/

Sacrifice – Burned at the Stake https://www.facebook.com/sacrificecanada

Arvas – Dark Lords and Wrath https://www.facebook.com/Arvasblackmetal

Beastcraft – The Horned god Rises https://www.facebook.com/BeastcraftOfficial

Suffocation – Bind Torture Kill https://www.facebook.com/suffocation

Necrodeath – Lord of the Storms (Emperor Cover) https://www.facebook.com/necrodeath.official/

Goatblood (Germany) – Mary’s Happy Enema https://www.facebook.com/Goatblood-492948934177125/

Xaemora – Desolation Solitude https://www.facebook.com/Xaemora

Acheron – Fuck the Ways of Christ https://www.facebook.com/Acheronband/

Dawn of Apocalypse – Warbringer of Chaoshttps://www.facebook.com/dawnofapocalypse

Archgoat – Phallic Desecrator of Sacred Gates https://www.facebook.com/archgoat.official

Draconis Infernum – Satan My Master (Bathory Cover) https://www.facebook.com/draconisinfernum

Deeds of Flesh – I Die on My Own Terms https://www.facebook.com/DeedsofFleshOfficial/

Bloodbath – Chainsaw Lullaby https://www.facebook.com/bloodbathband

Destroyer 666 – Satan’s Hammer https://www.facebook.com/destroyer666page

Decayed – Burning the Priest https://www.facebook.com/DKD666

Therion – Witching Hour (Venom Cover) https://www.facebook.com/therion

Witchery – A Paler Shade of Death https://www.facebook.com/officialwitchery

Gore Obsessed – Fulci Lives! https://www.facebook.com/GoreObsessedBand

Deranged – Toy Box Torture Chamber https://www.facebook.com/derangedband

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Sinister Death Mother Day Show ep130 at 10p from NJ

Warning: This is perhaps our most vile show.


Impaled Marty – Christian Slut https://www.facebook.com/impaledmartyr/

Flammenkrieg – German Pussy Slut [No Info]

Cuntsuc – Nectar of Lust [No Info]

KULD – Womb Cunt https://www.facebook.com/kuld666/

Funeral Fornication – Mother of Peril https://www.facebook.com/funeralfornication

Evokador – Acts of Lust and Blasphemy (translated) [No Info]

Nekrofilth – Junkie Cunt https://www.facebook.com/nekrofilth https://nekrofilth.bandcamp.com/

Krater – Lust to Burn https://www.facebook.com/abstrusekrater

Whoretopsy – High School Sweetheart https://www.facebook.com/Wtopsy/

Enjoy My Bitch – Cum Ass https://www.facebook.com/emb.porn/

NECRODEATH – The Whore of Salem https://www.facebook.com/necrodeath.official/

Luciferian – Send Me the Lust https://www.facebook.com/luciferian666

Virgin’s Rape – She is a Slut https://www.facebook.com/FunerealMoon/

Abysmal Lord – Tormenting the Virgin [No Info]

Abigail – Hey Slut! https://www.facebook.com/ABIGAILBARBATOS-208365735859610/

Vatican In Flames – Virgin Sacrifice [No Info]

Acheron – Whores and Harlots https://www.facebook.com/Acheronband/

Wintercold – Pleasure & Lust https://www.facebook.com/WintercoldBand

Sacrofago – God Bless the Whores [No Info]

Limbsplitter – Caustic Cumshower https://www.facebook.com/limbsplitter666

Womit Angel – Slut https://www.facebook.com/W%C3%B6mit-Angel-190157331001341/

Goatblood (Germany) – Sexcraving Witchcunt https://www.facebook.com/Goatblood-492948934177125/

Witch Vomit – Witch Cunt https://www.facebook.com/WebsOfHorror

PROFANATICA – Altar of the Virgin Whore http://profanatica.com/

Whipstriker – Burn the Virgin’s Hole https://www.facebook.com/whipstriker

Midnight – Sadist Sodomystic Seducer https://www.facebook.com/midnightviolators

Tulsadoom – Barbarian Bitchfuck https://www.facebook.com/Tulsadoom

Goat Worship – Goddess of Lust https://www.facebook.com/goatworship888/

Pig Destroyer – Trojan Whore https://www.facebook.com/TheRealPigDestroyer

Jig-Ai – We Are Going For Your Cunt, Bitch https://www.facebook.com/jigaigore