Shredding Metal Beasts Show Airing April 16th and 23rd both on Tuesday Nights at 11p

Shredding Metal Beasts EP186 April 16–186th-show

Bastardizer – Death Cult

Nocturnal Witch – A Thousand Pyres

KNEEL – Cloak

Violentor – Burning Rage

Supralightning  – Adrenaline (Thrash Metal Instrumental)

EXTREMA – Headbanging Forever

Bailer – Crawl Back


Fatal Curse – Breaking the Trance

Steel Mammoth – Heavy Muscle Tissue

Cabrio – Twenty Thousand Tons

Blizzard Hunter – Conqueror of Destiny

Crusher – Thrasher in Hell

Forklift Elevator – DECEPTION

Men in Metal – Secrets Of The North

Manic Outburst – Speed Is Your Master

Exalter – Tortured Innocents

Entice – Strangers

Toxom – Sucio Criminal (Dirty Criminal)


Warchest – Voice of Insanity

Cast Down – Thread My Lips

Terrific Verdict – Too Late To Love Or Hate

Black Thorn Halo – The Rising

Aura Surreal – Seeking Time

Flesh Storm – State of Emergency