Entering the Void

This show returns this month for one broadcast on April 27, 2019 Saturday night. … Finally resurrecting itself from deep in the void….

April 27, 2019 at 11p EST from NJ, USA


Playlist for the 4th Broadcast of this show

Misery Loves Co – I’m Only Happy When It Rains https://www.facebook.com/Misery-Loves-Co-100819526726770/

Place4Tears – Dream Sequence (Album Version) https://www.facebook.com/place4tears/

The Naked and the Dead – The Gate https://www.facebook.com/thenakedandthedead/

The Foreign Resort – Hearts Fade Out https://www.facebook.com/theforeignresort

5 Times Zero – Paths https://www.facebook.com/5timeszero/

Karmic Link – Random Phantom https://www.facebook.com/karmiclink

Cardillac Complex – Depths of My Soul https://www.facebook.com/CardillacComplex/

The Mist of Avalon – Devils Den https://www.facebook.com/mistofavalon

Reactive Black – My Darkest Dreams https://www.facebook.com/REACTIVE-BLACK-370074883811/

Me.Man.Machine – The Drifter https://www.facebook.com/me.man.machine/

Mirexxx – Bleeding Sky https://www.facebook.com/Mirexxxmusic/

Dusk to Dawn – Homecoming https://www.facebook.com/dusktodawnmusic

Mindstrip – Dangerous https://www.facebook.com/Mindstrip/

Dynamic Syndicate – Out of My Head https://www.facebook.com/dynamicsyndicate/

Voodoma – Virus https://www.facebook.com/Voodoma/

Saints of Ruin – Boundless https://www.facebook.com/SaintsOfRuin/

Acidcell – Feelin the Doom https://www.facebook.com/acidcellband/

Basilisk – Fire of Nation https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBasilisk/

Gates of Dawn – The Silence Makes You Scream https://www.facebook.com/GatesOfDawnOfficial

Lolita Komplex – Demon Child https://www.facebook.com/lolitakomplex/

The Cascades – Flowers in Ashes https://www.facebook.com/thecascadesofficial/

Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie (zxz mix) [NO INFO ON BAND THAT DID REMIX]