This month there shall only be one broadcast of this show on Sunday 28th of April, once again slowly getting everything back on line

April 28, 2019 at 630p EST NJ, USA–32nd-rockin-show

Cil City – She’s Rock-n-Roll

Barros – Live Before We Die

Dirty Rats – Yesterdays Hero

Black Paisley – I Want Your Soul

Rockstar Frame and Kiara Laetitia – Ready Goodbye

Graveyard Shifters – Love on the Rocks

Razzmattazz – Crazy for Rock and Roll

Jon Cells – Cracked House

Pain City – Time to be brave

White Cowbell Oklahoma – Cheerleader

Psychostick – Thinkin with Yer Dick

Downhill Dead – Dead Drunk Me

Puttin on the Foil – Rowdy

Stramash – The Rattlin Bog

The Alive – Mad World

Greystone Canyon – River of Fire

Harlot – Let ‘em Ride [NO INFO]

Boyscout – Juke box hero [NO INFO]

Schubert In Rock – Dance of the Black Tattoo

Getaway Van – Blacktop Mistress

Guns of Glory – Sisters of Sin

Sex Slaves – Thank God for Jack Daniels

Lesbian Bed Death – Marry the Night (Lady Gaga cover)

Lords of the Trident – More Than Words (Extreme Cover)

Sleazy Way Out – Born to Booze

Lagerstein – Drink Til We Die

AC Angry – You Got the Thirst, I Got the Booze