And yes here’s another podcast shows, this one features more extreme music, Black Metal/ Death Metal/ and Grindcore, this show actually was part of Shredding Metal Beasts, but eventually led to its own broadcasting and very offensive and upon the popular request of the listeners and those upset with policy matters of the site FB, I will be posting playlists, links to the bands and links to the shows and perhaps even more at some point these for now will give advance to notice to the Halloween Blitz of Programming. Those unaware Sinister Death started in October of 2015 with 115 shows, airing primarily on Thursday Nights, at 11p EST

Sinister Death found on Shredding Metal Beasts Facebook page:

Sinister Death 117th Extreme Halloween Show

Show Link Below For LIVE Show 2am EST – From NJ – October 31, 2018/ Free Playback Anytime

Necroblood – The Rite of Evil

Lustravi – The Rites of the Goatchrist

Sargeist – The Covenant Rite

Ragnell – Ritual of Blood

Cultus Profano – Ceremony of the Black Flame, Op 4

Beastcraft – Satanic Fiend

Thy Dying Light – Kingdom of Darkness

Flatulated – Burn the Flames

Bone Gnawer – Chrome Skull

Gorgasm – Deadf*ck

Troglodyte – Don’t Go in the Woods

True Black Dawn – Forever Rotting Nazarene

Acheron – Prayer of hell !!!

Burial Ground – Last House on the Left

Mortician – Camp Blood

The Ogre – The Curse of Camp Crystal Lake

Beltane – In Darkness Desolate

Terra Australis – Satan’s Soldiers Elite

666 – When I Spit on Cross

Death – Scream Bloody Gore

Nefas Terra – Life in the Dark

Provocator – Satan Chaos Blood and Terror

Ceremonial Castings – South of Heaven

Infernal Legion – In Hell We Reign

Darkness Avowed – Ave Satanas